Iliad Bookshop Fire in North Hollywood is Followed by Show of Support from Customers and Neighbours

A North Hollywood bookstore’s owner has been showered with affection and well wishes from customers and the community. On Thursday night, a fire threatened the future of The Iliad Bookshop.

“I’m in a better frame of mind about it now. The odour is still faintly present in the air. However, I’m crossing my fingers that the books were not ruined,” business owner Dan Weinstein told East County Gazette on Monday.

Los Angeles Fire Department Report

Despite the fact that the fire was contained by the metal door, the smoke that made its way inside the books made them potentially unmarketable.

“At least what could be blown out that night was by the fire department. They ran the fans for at least an hour, which I believe rescued the stock “according to Weinstein.”

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According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, firefighters responded to a report of a fire and extinguished it after seeing a pile of books burning outdoors.

The pile of books Weinstein intends to donate is always sitting on the coffee table. “They assured me that had they arrived even a few minutes later, the whole building would have been destroyed. His words have made me realise how fortunate I am.”

Since opening the bookshop more than three decades ago, Weinstein has received many kind donations, messages of support, and even cat food.

“Five times as much as we requested is what they’ve given us.” This is just a release, “a statement he made.” “People here genuinely care about me.” Therefore, I cannot fathom why anybody would act in this way.

“Iliad” Back in the Late ’80s

Since there was already a video store called “Odyssey” in the area, he took his cue from it and named his establishment “Iliad” back in the late ’80s.

There were flyers taped to his storefront, he added, the night of the blaze. There’s nothing particularly dangerous about it, he added; nonetheless, “someone wants their goal put out there, simple conspiracies, I guess it is.”

Weinstein now has no belief that he was targeted because of his identity. Whether or not this is related to a string of arson attacks in North Hollywood is something he wonders about.

In Late October, One Arrested and Charged

The suspect is still being held at this time, according to county records. As of right now, Weinstein is just relieved that his two cats, who were home at the time of the incident, made it out unharmed.

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His parents and grandparents were avid readers. Weinstein is proud to continue the family business of owning bookshops in Southern California, which has been in the Weinstein family since the 1970s.

“I can’t even convey how appreciative I am that people have supported me in the manner that they have,” he added. “Much appreciation to everyone. I appreciate it. I really appreciate it.”

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