I-80 WB reopens after four fatalities are verified in a near-50-vehicle pileup on the Ohio Turnpike

Nearly 50 cars, including 15 commercial trucks, collided in a pileup on Friday afternoon, resulting in four fatalities and several injuries and closing the Ohio Turnpike.

Initially, News Center 7 stated that the Ohio State Highway Patrol responded to the incident on westbound Interstate 80 between Route 53 and State Route 4 in Groton Township, Erie County.

The turnpike was closed for almost nine hours, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Twitter feed.

During this time, troopers attended to the four confirmed fatalities, countless injuries, and numerous automobiles involved in the collision. The Ohio State Highway Patrol tweeted that the lanes of the Ohio Turnpike at state Route 53 were reopened.

However, the lanes in the eastbound direction remain blocked. This accident is currently being investigated by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

“This is a sobering warning of what may happen after you get behind the wheel and attempt to drive in poor weather circumstances,” Ohio State Highway Patrol Sergeant Ryan Purpura said.

“We request that you only travel when necessary. If one must travel, please take measures, drive slowly, be patient, wear your safety belt, and also, increase your distance from the vehicle in front of you,” Purpura stated.

Friday afternoon, the Ohio Turnpike was blocked due to a near-50-vehicle pileup that resulted in four fatalities and several injuries. Crews from the Ohio State Highway Patrol react to numerous accidents on eastbound Interstate 80 between Route 53 and State Route 4 in Groton Township, Erie County.

At least four individuals have been confirmed deceased, and several injuries have been recorded, according to troopers. The employment of buses to transport individuals from their automobiles to a local facility for warmth. As of 9 p.m., the turnpike between exits 91 and 118 remains blocked in both directions as personnel attempt to remove 15 commercial cars off the highway.

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