Hunt of Police for Human Remains Continues-Mystery Surrounding Mercedes Buried 5ft Underground at $15M Keeps Growing

A Mercedes-Benz discovered buried five feet underground at a $15 million estate has prompted an inquiry, as police believe cadaver dogs detected a “hit.” The peculiar discovery was made during landscaping work at the Atherton estate near San Francisco, California. The investigation has concluded using cadaver dogs, and ground penetrating radar to hunt for probable human remains on the Atherton estate.

Lew, a man with a heinous past 

Jonathan Lew, the property’s former owner, reported the vehicle as stolen, as confirmed by the police. The background of Lew, who has two prior attempted murder convictions and an insurance fraud allegation, is currently under investigation. According to the Atherton Police Department, contrary to earlier reports and rumors, no human remains were discovered with the car.

The 1.6-acre gated residence at 351 Stockbridge Avenue is in a tranquil section of the aged neighborhood. Four to five feet underground, the vehicle was presumably buried in the early 1990s, and the present property owners were unaware of its existence.

On Friday, cadaver dogs on the scene suggested that the car may contain human remains. Multiple agencies have conducted a weekend-long search utilizing ground-penetrating radar, but nothing has been found. It is unknown what the dogs’ responses were.

Chief of Police of Atherton, Steve McCulley, stated, “It’s difficult to explain why they’re suggesting presence.” We have exhausted every resource and found that there is nothing we can locate. Investigators discovered unused concrete sacks in the vehicle, but it remains unclear for what reason.

While the investigation into the finding is still underway, this more gruesome possibility may at least be eliminated. A relief for both the police and the property owners. McCulley said that they were accommodating. They are pleased to get their lives back in order and to go on. “And to go on,” he added. As the inquiry proceeds, several landscaping staff that turned up Friday morning expecting to work were canceled.

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