Human Skull Found in Lincoln County Woods by Dollar General Customer

During a regular day, someone found something unexpected while walking through the woods near Lee Lawing Road in Lincoln County.

Around 1 p.m., they came across a human skull. This surprising discovery immediately caught the attention of the local police.

Human skull found near Lincoln County Dollar General:

Sheriff’s Investigation Unfolds

Promptly responding to the report, authorities launched an investigation.

It all started when an employee from a nearby Dollar General store informed the police about a customer who thought they’d seen a human skull while walking in the woods.

As detectives arrived at the scene, their search uncovered more skeletal remains nearby.

Take a look at these fresh headlines below:

These findings have been sent to experts at the North Carolina Medical Examiner’s Office.

Their task: to determine not just the cause of death but also the identity of the person involved. This puzzling discovery has set off a mystery in the otherwise tranquil woods of Lincoln County.

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