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How Would Russia Be Affected if Forced Out of Swift?

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, economic sanctions were increased. Labour leader Keir Starmer was among the loudest critics of Moscow’s inclusion in Swift, the world’s most significant international payment network. So as to hurt Russian commerce and make it impossible for Russian businesses to operate.

What’s up with Swift?

Globally, banks rely on Swift (the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) to safely move money across borders. It’s the most popular way to support international trade. Swift is estimated to process 38 million daily transactions worth billions of dollars by 2020.

Who owns Swift?

Swift, a 1970s-era institution-to-institution cooperative, now has hundreds of members. The organisation is situated in Belgium and remains neutral in trade disputes.

Why is a Swift ban bad?

Boris Johnson thinks barring Russia from Swift is harmful for the Russian economy. Regular transactions would have to be carried out between banks or routed via competing networks, adding to costs and delays.

Why is the US reluctant to implement a ban?

Sanctions may not harm Russian businesses. The CEO of Russian bank VTB recently declared that he was open to accepting payments via text messaging, email, or phone conversations. Alternatively, Russia’s banks may move payments through countries like China, which has developed its own payment system to counter Swift’s restrictions.

If Russia is prevented from adopting Swift, the Cips system may gain traction. The US dollar’s function as the world’s reserve currency may also be jeopardised, increasing the use of bitcoin.

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Is there a global impact if Swift is banned?

A ban would worry both US friends and Russian firms. Russians buy a lot of things made in the Netherlands and Germany. The EU may struggle to find replacement sources of crude oil, natural gas, and solid fossil fuels if Russia ceases to be a key supplier.

Are Swift’s efforts hampered by economic sanctions?

Swift previously said that it is neutral when it comes to placing sanctions on particular states. Swift’s service to Iranian firms and individuals sanctioned by the EU was banned in 2012 because of its ties to Iran’s nuclear program. Swift, though, refused to comment on probable US sanctions, per Reuters.

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