How to Track Your Child Tax Credit If You Don’t Get It

If you have not been receiving the Child Tax Credit despite being eligible, the first place to check is the Internal Revenue Service portal. Once log in you will be able to see the list of payments and how much you should have received.

If you do not have an online account, the portal will have you set up an account through, a third-party verification platform that has partnered with the IRS for their child tax credit portals.

Personal information including your Social Security number, filing status, and dependent’s information will be requested.

Note that at the early stage, the portal may look like it is designed to opt out of payments, but once you enter your information and are through the verification process, you will be able to manage the payments however you wish.

If you want to find the deposit on your bank statement, look or search for the term ‘CHILDCTC’. You can also give your bank a call to help you locate the deposit. If there isn’t a deposit you can use the aforementioned website to verify your bank information is correct.

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You can trace what happened to your payment if you are confident you should get one and didn’t receive it. You’ll have to wait anywhere from five days (with direct deposit) to nine weeks (if you’re out of the country) after the deposit date to make the request. The tracing can be done either by phone or by mail/fax.

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