How To Increase Your Social Security Benefit With SSI

Children and adults with disabilities or blindness who have resources below particular financial criteria are eligible for a monthly stipend under the Supplemental Security Income program.

SSI payments are also granted to adults over the age of 65 who fulfill the income requirements, regardless of whether or not they have a disability.

According to the Social Security Administration, you may be qualified to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) monthly payments even if you are currently receiving Social Security Disability Insurance or retirement benefits from the government.

How It Performs?

SSI is a government program paid by tax revenues rather than Social Security contributions. It makes monthly payments to help people fulfill their most basic requirements, such as food, clothes, and shelter.

It is important to note that the basic amount fluctuates according to your living situation and countable income. Thus no one receives the same amount as the next.

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If your state increases the amount of SSI benefits you get, you might receive additional money. Alternatively, you may be eligible for a smaller amount if you have income from other sources, such as work, pensions, or Social Security payments.

A decrease in your benefits may also be possible if someone else pays for your household bills or if you live with a partner who earns an income for the home.

If you are single and have resources worth less than $2,000, or married and have resources worth less than $3,000, you may be eligible for SSI benefits.

Resources are items that you have in your possession, such as:

  • Cash
  • Accounts in a financial institution
  • Stocks
  • Savings bonds issued by the United States
  • Land-based life insurance is a type of insurance that protects a person’s estate.
  • Vehicles used for personal transportation
  • What you have in addition to your possessions that may be turned into cash and utilized for food or shelter

The online application process is not available to persons above sixty-five. It is necessary to schedule an appointment to file your application for SSI if you are 65 years old or older and wish to check if you qualify for benefits.

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The Social Security Administration will next assess your application and resources and deliver you a decision in the mail.

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