How to Check the Balance on Your Walmart Gift Card

With a Walmart Gift Card, you get low prices every day on thousands of popular products in stores or online at Walmart or Sam’s Club. Knowing how it works and how to check balance will help redeem funds or turn them into cash.

Walmart Inc; an American multinational retail corporation. Known for its chains of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and groceries stores. With 10,566 stores and clubs in 24 countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, Chile, and South Africa.

How to check your Walmart Gift Card Balance Online.

Visit the Walmart gift card balance page, enter the 16-digit of your gift card number followed by the four-digit personal identification number as specified. You can find your PIN in the confirmation email if you use an eGift Card. Click the “submit” button and your balance detail will be displayed if the detail you entered is correct.

How to check your Walmart Gift Card Balance In-store.

With your zip code, you can find your nearest store using Walmart stores finder. Once you hit the search button, the list of Walmart stores near you will be displayed for you to choose from. Take your card to the nearest Walmart store and ask the customer service representative to check your balance.

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How to Check Your Walmart Gift Card Balance With Customer Service Using Your Phone

You can call Walmart’s Customer Service Center on your phone in order to check your gift card balance by dialing 1-888-537-5503. With this, you will follow the prompts which will direct you to how to check your card balance; your gift card number will be requested, so key it in and wait; then the balance information of your Walmart gift card will be made known.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walmart Gift Cards.

Q. Where can you use your Walmart gift card?
A. At Walmart online and in physical stores.
Q. How can you replace a stolen or lost Walmart gift card?
A. Once you have your original receipt, contact Walmart’s customer service center by calling 1-800-411-7942.
Q. What if my gift card doesn’t have a PIN?
A. If your Walmart gift card does not have a PIN, you cannot use it for online purchases, but you can use it at a physical store. You also cannot check your Walmart gift card balance if it has no PIN.

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