How This Season Compares To NOAA’s Forecast With Two Tropical Storms In The Atlantic?

HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) — Concurrent named storms in November are an infrequent occurrence during the Atlantic hurricane season’s final stretch. It has only happened twice in the satellite era.t

Hurricane Lisa (category 1) is expected to land in Belize soon. Meanwhile, as it approaches the northern Atlantic, Tropical Storm Martin poses no immediate threat to land. Martin has the potential to become a hurricane.

The National Hurricane Center designated a large area of low pressure (yellow zone in the image above). As having a low likelihood of formation within the next five days.

Lisa and Martin raised the total number of named storms for 2022 to 13, which is still below NOAA’s pre-season forecast of 14-21 named storms and just above the 30-year average of 14 named storms. This year’s highly unusual streak of no named storms for most of July and August was the primary cause of storm overestimation.

From June to November, the Atlantic hurricane season is in effect. However, hurricanes in November are infrequent in the United States. Only Florida and North Carolina have had a hurricane landfall in November.

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