How Much Money Will Ravil Maganov-Lukoil Chairman Ravil Maganov Have In 2022?

Ravil Maganov’s net worth as Chairman of Lukoil in 2022

However, given his lifestyle, Ravil Maganov has never disclosed information about his assets or earnings to the media. Considering that he had worked for PJSC Lukoil Oil Company since 1993. his net worth may be at least $5 to $10 million, if not more.

Vagit Alekperov, the company’s president with a net worth of $14.4 billion, has been named the 10th richest person in Russia, although the corporation is worth $4,744 billion. As a result, Lukoil may have paid the chairman a decent salary, allowing him to live a happy and comfortable life.

Nonetheless, the multinational energy company’s market stock price fell by 95 percent due to sanctions imposed by the international community in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Ravil began his career as an oil operator, rose through the ranks to become chairman, and contributed significantly to the growth of Russia’s oil and gas industry.

Ravil Maganov’s sudden Passing Away- Shocked the World

Lukoil board chairman dies after falling from hospital window | Upstream  Online

The sad news of Ravil Maganov’s death has spread widely across the internet, and messages of condolence are pouring in from users of various social networking sites. People are curious about his family’s background and wealth now that he has died.

Ravil began working in the oil industry in 1993. started working as an oil operator for PJSC Lukoil.After taking over the production association Langepasneftegaz in 2020. He received a raise and was made board chairman.

The Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow provided medical attention to the 67-year-old patient. Before news of his death online. Magano died as a result of a severe illness, according to an official statement from Lukoil. The company also expressed gratitude for Maganov’s talents and accomplishments during his thirty years of service to Lukoil.

Ravil Maganov’s Wife: Who Was She? With whom did he get married?

We don’t know who Maganov’s wife is or what she does for a living because he has kept his personal life private. We can assume, however, that he married the woman he has always loved the most in his life.

The discovery of Sergei Protosenya’s deceased wife and daughter stabbed at the same home in Spain. Where they discovered his body hanging in April raised concerns about his family’s safety, particularly his children and significant other. Sergei served as the company’s deputy chairman while at Novatek.

Similarly, the former vice president of Gazprombank, Vladislav Avayev, and his family were all killed by gunshot wounds in Moscow. According to the BBC, both incidents were investigated and determined to be suicides. According to the Tass news agency, Ravil committed suicide by jumping from a sixth-floor hospital window in Moscow.

The best we can do is to cross our fingers that nothing is terrible to their loved ones while they are mourning his death and that they are safe. We pray that the chairman’s departed spirit finds peace in heaven, and we send reassuring hugs and healing prayers to those he has left behind, hoping they will soon be able to move on from their loss.

Putin Bestowed the Ravil Maganov Award.

Ravil Maganov Family Information Following His Death

Russian oil chief Ravil Maganov dies in 'fall from hospital window'


Because they had no prior contact with the media, it is understandable that Ravil’s family has not come forward to provide any information in response to the tragic news of their loved one’s death. As a result, insufficient information about his loved ones is available, and we do not want to intrude on their privacy.

Nail Maganov’s brother is the chairman. Nail Maganov is the CEO of Tatneft, another Russian oil, and gas company. The chairman is in charge. Nail joined the Tatneft team in July 2013 after initially joining the organization the previous year.

Furthermore, the CEO holds a bachelor’s degree from IM Gubkin Russia State Oil & Gas University and a master’s degree with honors from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University conferred these honors.

Aside from him, no one else from the late chairman’s household ever appeared in public. He may have children and grandchildren whom he adored. However, none of them have mentioned his brother’s death; perhaps they are in a difficult situation, or perhaps their grief has wholly consumed them.

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