How Much Do Target, Walmart, and Other Great Retailers Pay, Entry-Level Employees?

If you’re looking for a job, Hobby Lobby would love to speak with you, and they’ll create it worth your while. According to USA Today, the skills and crafts chain shop will increase its “minimum full-time hourly earnings” to $18.50 on Jan. 1. 

That’s an addition of $1.50 from its previous raise in October 2020. In October, the store reported it employed 11,000 season store workers to assist with the Holiday hustle and increased its minimum pay to $13.

Walmart Minimum Lags Its Competitors

The action arrives as a surge of additional big-box retailers and Amazon, who have increased their minimum earnings late. 

In February, Walmart informed CNN that hourly employees accumulating shelves and fulfilling clients’ home delivery and curbside pickup orders in stores would get a starting pace of $13 to $19 an hour beginning in mid-March, depending on the store’s area need. 

In 2020, the Bentonville, Ark., firm increased earnings for 165,000 store employees in leadership roles to a starting pace of $18 an hour, CNN said.

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In September, Walmart WMT increased its minimum starting wages to $12 an hour from $11. The New York Times said that beginning wages would get $17 an hour in some shops. And the business expressed its moderate wage had achieved $16.25 an hour.

The previous year, Target raised its lowest wages to $15 an hour and showed frontline employees a $200 bonus, while earlier this year, Costco increased its lowest wage to $16. 

Further, Amazon expanded its moderate minimum earnings to $18 an hour in September, and some areas are showing up to $22.50 an hour in salaries and sign-on rewards of up to $3,000.

What Is the Federal Minimum Wage?

There are a few possible causes for the pay spot. The national lowest wage has stayed at $7.50 for the previous 12 years, though some states have a considerably more elevated hourly minimum, such as Washington ($13.50) and Oregon ($12). 

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While a try to increase the national minimum wages to $15 an hour was finally brought out of the $1.9 trillion COVID relief package, the ring for employers to increase their earnings has been a hobbyhorse of advanced politicians like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), therefore saving national awareness on the topic. 

Labor Shortages Drive Boosts

Now, companies fill available positions because of the continuing labor lack. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are now 0.7 jobless people for every available position. That’s down from five public employees for every available job in April 2020 during the peak of the epidemic.

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