How America’s Students Received Financial Help Due To The Pandemic?

About $40 billion of stimulus checks have been received by students across America under Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan according to the US Sun.

The Higher Education Emergency Assistance provided pandemic relief to students and institutions. The stimulus checks were sent to students by colleges as a way of helping them meet their financial obligations.

George Washington University got $9.1 million in the first round of the stimulus payment and about $14 million in the second and third rounds.

Students who registered at the institution after March 13, 2020, were able to access the money. Almost 10,000 candidates have received financial help, the university authorities said.

“I honestly did not think I would get anything because I’m sure other people have been affected much more than I have, but I thought that it was just worth a shot so I went ahead,” Freshman Lexi Plaisted.

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About 956 students of Meharry Medical College’s received awards amounting to $10,000. Students at Bushnell University totaling 206 received about $642,674 in financial aid. Florida State University gave out $17.7 million in awards to 16,000 students in the past month.

Also, grants of $1,750 or $3,000 are available to Duke University students, according to a statement on the school’s website. Students may use these funds to assist pay for things like tuition, books, food, housing, medical care, and child care. Payouts will begin in December, according to officials.

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