Homer Heche’S Half-Brother, 13, Has Been Treated Hostilely, According To Anne Heche’S Ex, Since She Passed Away

During their ongoing legal battle, Anne Heche’s ex-husband James Tupper fights back against her older son Homer Laffoon.

Tupper has filed an objection to Homer’s latest request that the court “expand his authority.” Over his late mother’s estate in new court documents obtained by PEOPLE. Citing poor treatment of his and Heche’s 13-year-old son, Atlas.

Tupper, 57, alleges in the documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. That Homer, 20, has “acted hostilely” towards his half-brother and “refused all communication with him or his representatives.”

“Furthermore, Atlas has no confidence in [Homer’s] “ability to meet his fiduciary obligations to Atlas,” according to the filing, which also claims that Homer has not inventoried their mother’s belongings. as required by his agreement with Tupper and Atlas, before storing them.

“On behalf of Atlas,” the documents state, “[Tupper] requests that the Court compel [Homer] to provide an inventory of such personal property to Atlas before granting [Homer] any powers to take possession of the tangible personal property in the apartment so that it can be determined whether [Homer] safeguards all of the Decedent’s personal property in the future and conflict can be minimized.”

Furthermore, according to the documents. Tupper believes the bond be set at $2 million rather than $800,000.

Tupper’s attorney, Christopher B. Johnson, claims that Homer. Whom Heche shares with ex-husband Coleman Laffoon already possesses some of the powers. He seeks from the court, which “emphasizes his incompetence and inability to preserve estate assets.”

Homer and Tupper have been lock in a legal battle. Since he filed papers to take control of his mother’s estate last month. Despite Homer’s claim that his mother died without a will. Tupper claims Heche named him executor more than a decade ago.

Homer has since claimed that his mother’s signature on her will is invalid. Accusing Tupper of interfering with his communication with his younger brother.

Tupper argued Homer has “conflicts of interest” in the custody battle. For his biological son, as it relates to Heche’s estate, and appointing him as guardian ad litem “would harm the interests” of Atlas, he said earlier this month.

On August 5 in Los Angeles, Heche perished in a car accident.

August 5th, Heche In a car accident in Los Angeles, he died. After being in a coma since August 12, California declared Heche legally dead on August 12. For a long period of time, she kept on life support in order to prepare her organs for donation. Her representative confirms to the PEOPLE on August 14 that she is no longer on life support.

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