Homeopathic Treatment Rodgers Reportedly Received is Not an Alternative to COVID-19 vaccine, Doctors Says

Aaron Rodgers is repeatedly the discussion of the day. As he recovered from Covid, people questioned the homeopathic remedy NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport announced Rodgers was going.

Those in the pharmaceutical field state homeopathic remedy is not an option for the Covid vaccine. But holistic therapy clubs can view why Rodgers did it because it can increase one’s resistance.

When questioned if he was vaccinated two months before, Rodgers stated he was immunized. “And that suggested that he made his immune system up. I don’t believe he was lying.

He was speaking, listen, I knew my body so that it could struggle. I believe he’s a naturally determined guy,” stated Curry Chaudoir with Acupuncture & Holistic Health Associates in Glendale.

We don’t recognize specifics regarding Rodgers’ therapy. However, Chaudoir says, “It was some solution that triggered the immune system response that would place the body in a healthier environment, to number one, confront the problem from occurring in the original place.”

Using homeopathic toxin vine to heal skin diseases that occur in the circumstances related to toxin ivy. “Homeopathic virus ivy in very minute shots.

One part poison vine to millions of parts of grain alcohol would then make it so the body would struggle infection ivy-like signs or toxin ivy itself,” stated Chaudoir.

But is it useful in stopping Corona Virus? Pharmaceutical doctors say no.
“There are no homeopathic remedies.

There are no specific herbs or remedies suggested for Corona Virus, and things like medical prescriptions, like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, don’t make the restriction of Covid.

That’s well built,” said Dr. Gregory DeMuri, UW pediatric dangerous disorder professional.

Dr. Demuri further questions Rodgers’ use of the term “immunized.”
“The words don’t make sense medically to a healing practitioner. Immunized and shot expect the same thing.

We should support our government to the measure that the vaccine is harmless, but I believe when they do. The experimental community decides that it’s reliable and efficient, then we have to believe them,” stated Dr. DeMuri.

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