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Hidden Google Map Has Been Spying on You for Years. How to Stop It?


A little-recognized Google innovation has traced your location for years. Google’s Location History characteristic, broad account assistance that logs your actions within your smartphone, has saved millions of users’ actual-world approaches and goings as it was inaugurated in 2009.

While the experience that your actions are being controlled by one of the world’s biggest tech businesses may be unsettling, Google states Location History was meant to be effective.

The group states it can give better assistance if it understands where you’ve been. It provides you with more specific commute information, tips based on areas you’ve visited, and more appropriate ads.

However, suppose this news gives you a need to hurry to turn Google Location History off. In that case, you’re not solely, and there are some significant privacy dangers to having your location data collected online.

That’s why Google has stated its Location History characteristic is switched off by default and can simply be initiated with a user’s consent.

But it’s remarkably simple to accidentally allow Google Location History, especially by utilizing Google maps. Here’s how to manage Google Location History off.

First, continue to myactivity.google.com and use your Google inputs to sign in to your account. After you’ve signed in, choose “Location History” and toggle it to the “off” perspective.

It, hence, will just delay your Google Location History and won’t remove any of your primary data, which can be reached at the timeline of google maps. It, too, can be removed in your location environments.

Also, when Location History is delayed, your location may yet be released to your Google account when utilizing other Google sites, apps, and assistance like Google Maps. It may additionally be involved in your pictures, depending on your camera app settings.

To prevent Google from following you, you’ll additionally want to turn off Web and App Activity Tracking, which can likewise be done here.

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