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Here Are Some Tips for Getting Your Tax Return Completed More Quickly in 2022

If you want to collect your tax return as soon as possible this year, here are some suggestions from the Internal Revenue Service on how to make that happen.

Because of COVID-19, our final filing dates have been pushed back significantly further than the traditional April 15 due in the last two years (see chart below). So that you are aware of the deadline, it will be April 18 this year, which is more common for this time of year.

In an interview with MLive, IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig stated that “IRS employees are working hard to deliver a successful 2022 tax season while dealing with enormous challenges related to the pandemic.” Rettig added that employees will do “everything possible with the available resources” to serve taxpayers this year.

My tax refund was handled at the slowest pace I’d ever experienced, and I’m a little concerned that this year’s refund would be delayed as well because the IRS has a backlog of nearly 7 million unprocessed returns. If you are looking for a way to expedite the process, the Internal Revenue Service has provided several suggestions.

A direct deposit into your bank account is the most expedient method of receiving a refund after filing your taxes electronically. According to the IRS, as long as there are no issues with your return, you should receive your refund within 21 days after filing it.

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The big ones to watch out for this year are the stimulus and child tax credit payments. The Internal Revenue Service will send you two letters that will contain all of the information you require to complete your taxes; yet, these letters are critical to you completing your taxes, even though these two items are not subject to taxation.

Returns for the earned income tax credit and supplementary child tax credit will not be processed until mid-February, in order for the Internal Revenue Service to catch people who are falsely claiming those credits.

If you require assistance from the Internal Revenue Service, they advise that you use their website IRS.gov to get your questions answered and to obtain information on your refund.

If you earned less than $73,000 in 2021 and would want to have your taxes done for free, you can use the IRS Free File program.

Hopefully, these suggestions may assist you in receiving a prompt reimbursement. My receipts for the year 2021 need to be sorted, and I need to start looking through them before I schedule an appointment with my tax preparer.

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