Hanover Park house fire: ‘Kind and loving’ grandmother; Neighbors Save Kids

When a fatal fire broke out on Sunday afternoon in a west suburban home, neighbors valiantly acted to put it out. A grandmother in her 80s was killed in the Hanover Park fire, which started at around 4 p.m., according to locals. Although neighbors assisted police in removing two young children from the home in the 7300 block of Thornwood Street, they said that they just did not have enough time to reach the woman.

Victor Sanchez and Esther Corredor claimed, “We were working on the car when we saw the fire, so we ran and I remarked, “Maybe they’re burning leaves.” They sprinted into action before the fire department arrived.

He could see smoke coming through the door, so he went to open it and quickly grabbed the children, according to Corredor. According to neighbors, a grandma was watching her young grandchildren while their parents were at work when this incident occurred. The kids were unharmed and made it out safely.

However, according to neighbors, their grandmother did not live. “I return to the grandmother, but I am unable to unlock the door. I was unable to enter because of the heavy smoke, “said Sanchez. The grandma was a lovely and caring woman who was always there, according to her neighbors.

She was discovered inside the house when the firefighters came, and they immediately declared her dead. While attempting to extinguish the fire, two firefighters were injured, but they are expected to recover. The fire probably started accidentally, according to the fire chief, although the cause is still being looked into.

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