Hannah Payne’s Trial Twist: Stepping Up for Her Defense

Hannah Payne gave her testimony to the jury for the very first time since the beginning of her trial. She spoke in her own words about the events that transpired on the day that Kenneth Herring, who was 62 years old, passed away.

Payne, who is 25 years old, is accused of locating Herring, shooting him, and killing him after Herring fled the scene of an automobile accident in 2019.

Payne stated that she was attempting to “be a messenger for police” when she approached Herring’s truck while a 911 operator was on the phone.

This was despite the fact that dispatchers had warned her not to do so. Payne’s statements were presented on Monday.

Hannah Payne murder trial: Payne takes the stand in her own defense:

According to Payne, she was intending to convey to Herring the message that he was required to go back to the location where the accident occurred.

During the testimony, Payne stated that Herring wrenched her wrists and neck and pushed her into his truck rather than driving back to the scene of the crime.

During her testimony, she stated that he also started reaching for something in his truck, but she was unable to determine what something was. Following then, she stated that he “hit the gas” and his truck began to move ahead.

“When you are being held against your will, and have no idea what’s ahead of you, and you’re looking down, it just felt like it lasted forever. And I just remember I saw my life flash before my eyes and I thought I was going down Riverdale Road, hanging out the side of his car,” Payne said.

Payne stated in her testimony that she reached for her handgun at that very moment, and that she “feared for her life.”

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Herring is the one who allegedly pulled the trigger on the weapon, according to Payne, who alleges that the two were fighting over it.

During the course of the cross-examination, the prosecution contended that all of this might have been avoided if Payne had not pursued Herring or brought a gun into the scene.

On Tuesday, at nine o’clock in the morning, the trial will resume.

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