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Halle Berry Revealed She Refused to Gain Weight for Her Acting Roles


Halle Berry, a trainer, said she didn’t like gaining weight for movies. Her health worries prevented her from modifying her diet for movies.

Halle Berry Once Offered a Glimpse into Her Fitness Regimen

Halle Berry prioritises fitness. She diets and trains to maintain her body and mind.

“I swear by the ketogenic diet,” Berry told People. “No sugar or carbohydrates.” You push your body to burn avocado, coconut oil, and eggs instead of sugar. “You consume good fats.”

This diet and her usual activities yielded benefits.

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“I do bodyweight things.” Yoga, pilates. She continued, “Your body becomes acclimated to the same routines, so you have to fool it every six or three months.”

Halle Berry Once Shared That She would Refuse to Put on Weight for Movie Roles

Many Hollywood actors change their weight for a role. Although Berry might be tempted, the X-Men actor is opposed to gaining weight for movies. Berry prioritised her health under such conditions.

“My heart would say yes because I feel like I would do anything for my craft, but my brain would say no because I’m diabetic and what it may do to me on a health level might be incredibly harmful, so that’s probably the true reason I wouldn’t,” Berry told Wendy Williams (via Contact Music).

Motherhood made Berry less ready to take physical risks than other performers.

“Taking care of my health and maintaining my weight at a specific level is really very much a part of taking care of myself and being healthy, and since I’m a mom now, I wouldn’t take chances like that,” she said.

Halle Berry is Used to Training for Film Roles

Berry likes to prepare for jobs without gaining weight. The actor works hard for action flicks. She even pushes herself for John Wick: Chapter One.

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She told Entertainment Tonight, “Chad [Stahelski] got me in the greatest condition of my life, so why not display it?” “These guys pushed me hard.” “I laboured harder than ever for this movie’s minor character.”

Berry trained again for her Netflix film Bruised as an MMA fighter. She confessed that it was hard.

She told MMA Fighting that it was her biggest professional challenge. It rivals childbirth. I pushed myself harder than before. I needed to learn parts of all those fields. You can’t suddenly seem tough. “You have to work hard and allow your physique to change to appear that way.”

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