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Hakeem Jeffries Represents a Generational Shift in the Democratic Party

New York Democrat Hakeem Jeffries set forth the case for convicting and ousting President Donald J. Trump at his 2020 impeachment trial. Trump‘s lawyer had just questioned, “Why are we here?”

“We’re here, sir, because President Trump misused his position and attempted to cover it up,” Jeffries added. “We’re here, sir, to follow the facts, the law, and the Constitution and tell the American people the truth.”

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Mr. Jeffries, 52, ended his speech with a Biggie Smalls lyric: “And if you don’t know, now you know.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 82, has headed the tumultuous House Democratic Caucus for 20 years and announced her resignation Thursday. Two years later, the event shows how the House party leadership has changed in terms of age and style.

New York Democrat Ritchie Torres said, “Who else as impeachment manager could reference Biggie Smalls?”

Mr. Jeffries declared his campaign for Democratic leader on Friday. If successful, he would be the first black man to head a major party in either house of Congress. For now, he’s uncontested, and his colleagues think he’ll win.

He and Pelosi are polar opposites.

Born into a Baltimore political family, she became a rich San Francisco housewife, symbolising the city’s progressive social policies. In Congress, she dominated her caucus with an iron fist and helped accomplish significant Democratic policy ideas for two decade —frequently while wearing stilettos.

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Mr. Jeffries is the son of a working-class social worker and drug misuse counselor. Still in Brooklyn, he wears suits with shoes. His legislative record is minimal, alluding to a steep learning curve.

Both politicians are pragmatic and know where political compromise is possible.
Jeffries met with fellow House impeachment managers during Trump’s first trial. former lawyer.

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