Haitian Family Seeking Asylum Finally Arrive Across Border After Almost 3 Months

Frantz Moreau, his wife Lovelie Cenelien, and their daughter, who is 2 years old and about to turn 3 this month, were among the migrants who had sponsors who were transported by bus to different Texas cities, including Houston.

Moreau said it took his family about two-and-a-half months to travel from Haiti to Chile to Mexico, then across the border.

More than 16,000 people who were seeking asylum crossed the Mexico-U.S. border into Del Rio, Texas. The majority of them were Haitians. Many of them were deported back to Haiti, and only around 2,000 were helped at the temporary transfer center in Houston.

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“Since it’s been a challenging journey, a lot was going on. I saw dead people. I crossed rivers. My daughter got sick, and we were in the rain for like seven days. I would not suggest someone come, or not to come, but I will just let them know to trust in God,” said Moreau. 

“I felt like we needed to share our story because there is no life in Haiti. There’s no security. It’s so not safe to live there, or the country that we went to,” he added. “We would like for our daughter to get better opportunities. Having a chance to go to school, to college, and to become a professional worker, and that depends on us. Her future depends on us.”

However, after the wave of the majority of Haitian migrants flocked to Del Rio, Texas’ border, Governor Greg Abbott is now pushing to secure the border.

His push comes after reports emerged claiming that more people will be marching to the border in hopes of being allowed to enter the U.S.

If you are interested in helping the Moreau family, contact the Judith Loving Arms Foundation.

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