Grapevine Hit by Tornado, Causing Several Injuries and Building Damage

On Tuesday, December 13th, a tornadic storm ripped through Grapevine, Texas, damaging multiple buildings and sending five people to the hospital.

According to the National Weather Service, three tornadoes touched down in Tarrant County on Tuesday as a result of a storm system.

The City of Grapevine announced on Tuesday that five persons had been sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

A statement from the city promised “ongoing help” for residents and businesses hit by the disaster. How awful things may have been being not lost on Chuck Paschke.

He runs Christian Brothers Automotive in the 2100 block of State Route 114. Some days, his staff works on as many as two dozen customer vehicles in the lot.

While a tornado touched down within feet close from roughly 25 of those cars on Tuesday morning, all of them escaped undamaged.

Only God’s hand, he said. For this, we are eternally appreciative. A few of his shingles fell off. However, the Discount Tire store next door had its entire front glass blown out.

A firm spokeswoman stated that paramedics treated some workers who were injured by shattered glass.

Even though electricity was back on by Tuesday night, the representative claimed they didn’t know when Discount Tire would reopen.

In addition, a Sam’s Club to the north had its roof partially torn off and its air conditioning equipment stolen while its employees were inside the store.

It’s “incredible,” Paschke remarked, “when air conditioning units are flying through the air and not one of them fell on a car, a roof, or let alone a person.”

Both Sam’s and the Walmart around the corner were closed on Tuesday. According to a company statement, “We are now analyzing both buildings with local authorities and will reopen as soon as feasible.”

Grapevine’s city hall and the Grapevine Mills Mall, both of which were shuttered on Tuesday due to tornado damage, were also hit, according to the city.

Damage to the mall’s food court was captured on camera. The city of Grapevine reported that five persons were hurt and hospitalised, but fortunately, no serious injuries were sustained.

Source: Yahoo News

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