Governor Newsom has announced the establishment of a mental health and homelessness assistance strategy.

CARE court is the latest solution announced by Governor Gavin Newsom to assist in the treatment of seriously impaired and untreated Californians while also holding patients accountable for their treatment plans.

Family members, first responders, intervention teams, mental health practitioners, and other professionals can use CARE court to help people suffering from a variety of conditions get access to treatment and be referred to appropriate services.


In order to best serve the thousands of Californians who live on our streets with serious mental health and substance use disorders, CARE Court must meet them where they are and act compassionately.

We are taking steps to stop the cycle that leaves people without hope and revolving around homelessness and incarceration over and over. This is a novel way to stabilize people suffering from the most difficult-to-treat mental health disorders.” – Gavin Newsom

CARE court also provides particular interventions and services that have been ordered by the court, such as stabilizing medicine, mental health directives, and housing aid.

Plans can be prepared for up to 12-24 months in advance, depending on the individual’s situation.

A public defender and a supporter will also be made available to assist people with their self-directed care if they require it.

People in CARE court will be offered short-term stabilizing drugs, health and recovery assistance, as well as connections to social resources, including a housing plan, among other services.

According to Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, “Governor Newsom’s pioneering CARE Court idea breaks through on a major missing element of the homeless crisis.” “The government responsible for assisting those who are sickest and most vulnerable on our streets must be legally bound to act on their behalf.”

If a person is unable to execute a plan, they may be referred for conservatorship in accordance with current legislation if no alternative remedy is available.

If the plan is adopted by the Legislature, all counties in California will be required to participate in Care court.

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