Gogglebox Fan Favorite Mary Cook Passes Away At 92

Mary Cook, star of British reality TV show Gogglebox has died at 92, Channel 4 and Studio Lambert (on behalf of Cook’s family) confirms.

Mary, who started to grace the show as a hospitality worker in 2016, quickly became a fan favorite on Gogglebox, a show wherein ordinary folks are recorded giving their hilarious reactions and reviews to some of the most popular shows on TV. She was remembered for her “witty and cheeky” moments in the show alongside her companion, Marina Wingrove.

Before coming on to the show, Cook and Wingrove became friends on a retirement village over 10 years prior. Due to the pandemic, Mary and Marina were temporarily unseen on the program, yet returned to the series finale last May, to the delight of Gogglebox’s fans.

Channel 4 and Studio Lambert includes Marina in the statement on Mary’s death, alluding to their strong bond as friends, stating “Our love and thoughts are with Mary’s family, friends, and Marina.”

They also request for the public to respect Mary’s family’s wishes for privacy as they grieve.

The cast, crew, and fans of Gogglebox are sure to miss the lovely Mary Cook, who was first discovered by a researcher while shopping.

Her legacy as a strong, captivating presence on British reality TV lives on.

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