Giraffe ‘Freak Accident’ Smashes Family Car Windshield!

A giraffe that was visiting a nearby animal conservation facility Thursday fell on top of a Texas family’s automobile, severely damaging it.

Kari Hill of Granbury was visiting the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose with her teenage kids, aged 15 and 18, as well as her 1-year-old granddaughter when a giraffe approached her vehicle.

Visitors can drive through the 1,800-acre complex of the wildlife center to come up close to and feed exotic animals.

Giraffe Smashes Granbury Family Car Windshield

According to the reports, after Hill stopped her Kia Sorrento, a giraffe peered through the sunroof. Before the animal abruptly lost its footing and fell, she took a picture with it.

“All was great until he lost his balance and fell onto my windshield,” Hill said. The windshield “started caving in” while the animal flailed around while trying to regain his footing.

Hill parked her car to the side and “made sure the kids got all the glass off of them,” according to the source. She then dialed the park’s emergency hotline and asked them “to escort us out of there,” at which point her car was eventually hauled away.

“[It was] such a quick, freak accident. [I’m] glad it wasn’t worse,” Hill said. “Cars can be replaced. People can’t.”

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Fossil Rim has confirmed the incident. In their 11 years working at the location, they claimed that the giraffe is doing fine and that this is the only instance of its kind.

According to the outlets, visitors to the park must acknowledge that the facility does not accept responsibility for accidents involving people and animals before they can enter.

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