‘Get the F— Up, We are Going to the Mayor’s Office,’ Both Las Vegas Council Women Broke Municipal Regulations, Report Claims

An investigation into a fight between two female Las Vegas city council members during a committee meeting found that both women had broken the city’s code of conduct.

Victoria Seaman, a municipal councilwoman, had filed a complaint against her colleague Michele Fiore after an altercation on January 11, 2021, during which Seaman suffered a fractured finger.

The independent investigator’s 61-page report covers Seaman’s human resources-related allegations against the city, Fiore, and others.

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This week, Seaman sued Fiore and the city for damages after the incident.

However, both women are Republicans and have served in the Nevada Assembly, despite the fact that the Las Vegas City Council is nonpartisan.

During a heated argument, Councilwoman Fiore allegedly grabbed Councilwoman Seaman by the hand, yanked, twisted, and broke Councilwoman Seaman’s finger.

“Councilwoman Fiore made an effort to hurl Councilwoman Seaman to the ground by her hand.”

The altercation was caught on tape by surveillance cameras at Las Vegas City Hall. Reporters’ public records requests were not written in a manner that the city thought deserved publication.

So a video that had been seen by numerous people, including Fiore and Seaman, was erased 60 days later.

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The city hired an investigator to investigate Seaman’s claims, such as whether or not Fiore “was verbally abusive and more belligerent,” whether or not Fiore had really assaulted Seaman, and whether or not the tape had been erased to cover up the incident.

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