George Floyd not explained by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Gov. Greg Abbott has pardoned and restored the human liberties of eight Texans suggested by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.

George Floyd was the only name absent from the article of pardons. In October, Floyd’s 2004 drug arrest was pardoned by the state review board unanimous vote.

Gerald Goines, an erstwhile HPD officer facing criminal charges in connection with the bungled Harding Street drug bust, arrested the man.

According to Renae Eze, the president’s communications director, Floyd’s clemency suggestion was forced to withdraw during Thursday’s declaration of those released from jail.

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“One of the suggestions that were forced to withdraw concerned Floyd. “By their regulations, the Board will evaluate and solve due process problems and bugs linked to any receipt of the application,” Eze stated.

“As a consequence of the Board’s pullout of the client’s needs George Floyd, Governor Abbott was unable to recognize it.” Governor Abbott requests that the Board offers for review.”

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