Geoff Diehl Guarantees His Followers a New Type of Freedom

Patriots with simmering grievances against a despotic British government planned their revolt at Faneuil Hall in the mid-18th century. After slavery was abolished, many people entered the galleries in 1870.

From 1977 until 1996, hundreds of LGBTQ+ Bostonians rallied for civil rights among the Corinthian columns. Geoff Diehl, a Republican gubernatorial candidate, pledged to fight for freedom on October 25.

Take Back Freedom Tour

Diehl and his campaign partner, Leah Allen, have been working to narrow the almost 25-point deficit. It was between their ticket and Democratic governor and lieutenant governor candidates Maura Healey and Kim Driscoll for two months. Diehl’s “Take Back Freedom Tour” ended at Faneuil Hall on Oct. 22–25.

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The journey ended with patriotic music, alt-right speakers, cries against Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey and President Joe Biden. It promises that Diehl would win Nov. 8. Diehl, Allen, Lyons, and far-right radio host Jeff Kuhner headlined the event.

“On Nov. 8, and you can hold me to this, unless there is massive voting fraud and election theft like we have never seen in our nation. You’re going to see one of the worst midterm setbacks for an administration in 100 years,” Kuhner said as he introduced Diehl.

The Tsunami will be Crimson

From rejecting vaccination requirements to supporting school choice, the campaign appeals to an alienated constituency that feels understood by the candidate.

“Come on, the typical individual doesn’t know what it is or what it’s about.” Diehl spoke after Lyons, Allen, and Kunher.

Diehl, a former state representative representing Plymouth’s 7th district, was one of the most conservative House members in Massachusetts, a Democratic state.

Diehl and his backers want a conservative counterbalance to deep blue state government.

Battling for This Day for 12 Years

Diehl spoke on several subjects his fans worry about. He criticised Healey, his successful “Tank the Gas Tax” campaign, and Massachusetts’ vaccination requirement, which cost roughly 1,000 jobs.

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“I support Geoff Diehl, first of all, because he’s against the vaccination requirements and supports bringing the folks that were fired back,” said Melrose construction worker Kenny Ebrecht, 28.

“I didn’t receive the jab; I work around schools all the time, and I’m sick and tired of wearing a silly muzzle.”

Quest for COVID-19 Vaccination Freedom

Many supported Diehl’s quest for COVID-19 vaccination freedom. Diehl may appeal to people who have lost their jobs and to people in Massachusetts who think their civil rights have been violated.

“I have never done anything disgraceful in my life,” claimed 54-year-old state trooper Phil McLaine, who was dishonourably fired for rejecting the COVID-19 vaccination.

McLaine and others will vote for Diehl on Nov. 8 because of his views and ability to get things done.

He’s better for the state. “His plans for the state are superior; he’s got terrific ideas for our infrastructure on the subways, and combining them with Massport makes a lot of sense,” McLaine added.

Man of Unique Ideas

Diehl’s campaign hasn’t shown how these proposals would be implemented beyond a few bullet points and videos. Some value freedom and the guy who promises it more than the policy.

“I really don’t know the ins and outs of the government and taxes, but [Diehl] has decency,” said Susan Gallagher, a retiree and advocate for assisted living residents.

“Everything. We need a “daddy” or “parent governor” since the parents aren’t performing their duties.

Sometimes you need a government—like Trump—to tell you what to do.

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