Fundraising For Jojo Baby’s Cancer Treatment

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For decades, Jojo Baby was a staple of Chicago’s party scene, and everyone, regardless of age, knew who she was.

They worked as a stylist and designed Dennis Rodman’s trippy hairstyles. They became famous in Chicago’s club scene thanks to the fantastical, extravagant costumes they created. They were an artist, a model, and muses to other artists, including Nick Cave, Geoffrey Mac, and Greer Lankton, and the subject of a documentary by Clive Barker.

Over the years, Jojo Baby established herself in Chicago with as varied a job as possible, and she came to represent an age of drag culture before reality TV made it mainstream.
Then, earlier this fall, Jojo Baby revealed that she was battling cancer again, causing friends and fellow musicians in Chicago to hastily organize benefit concerts to help cover her mounting medical bills. The happenings have highlighted a significant figure among Chicago’s contemporary gay artists.

Some of Jojo’s artwork will be raffled off tomorrow night during “My Pal Jojo,” a cabaret concert hosted by drag queen and longtime friend Pottymouth at Hydrate.

The illness of drag queen Jojo has been used as an example of the lack of uniformity in the treatment of artists and entertainers by the medical community.

Mark Bazant, also known as Silky Jumbo in the club scene, has remarked that Jojo is “a fantastic example of someone who is in the medical system of Cook County.” Because “they don’t get the best health care,” many unpleasant problems must be dealt with.

Jojo, who is gender nonconforming and refers to themselves using they/them pronouns, has indicated that they continue to perform despite undergoing chemotherapy.

I throw Sam Zell’s birthday and holiday parties yearly,” Jojo said. When asked how long they had been coming, the organizers answered, “20 years. Please come to the party; we can’t have fun without you there.'”

Jojo’s story stands out even in this setting, which is about diversity.

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