Breakthrough Cases: Fully Vaccinated Secondary Guidance Counselor Dies of Coronavirus

On one hand, the government is forcing their mandate on Americans and the other hand, there’s a rare case of Sheri Wise who died because of Covid-19 despite following every norm.

  • Wise was fully vaccinated by March.
  • She had received the third booster shot few days before her death.
  • She used to wear masks and avoid touching people.

Wise did everything right. So, how could she die? It seems like no one has the answers.

Days before Sheri Wise died, she went on to Facebook from her hospital bed contemplating everything herself.

She wrote, “had done everything right, from getting fully vaccinated early in the pandemic to mask-wearing to avoiding touching people.”

“Haven’t hugged my mom in 16 months,”

The one major change she had in her life was getting a new job.

She was working part-time as a secondary guidance counselor at Trivium Academy, a 600-student K-11 public charter school in Carrollton.

She wrote, “Is that where I got it, who knows?”

“It proves that you can do all the right things and still succumb to COVID.”

3 days after Wise’s post went viral, Trivium Academy announced to shut down its premises on Aug. 26.
This was done to slow down the delta variant in the campus where 1 in every 10 students had a lab-confirmed case of the coronavirus.

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Then a week after the shutdown, wise died from COVID-19 complications.

After her death, wise’s sister Laney Arndt wrote “Her heart and lungs aren’t strong enough to pull her through this,”

She also revealed that Wise got sick not long after her third shot and that her health deteriorated rapidly after a few days of flulike symptoms. Later a doctor confirmed to the family that she had COVID-19 before getting her third vaccine,

Even though it’s a rare case of covid, neither the Texas Education Agency nor the Department of State Health Services seems Interested in tracking the details of Texas educators dying from the coronavirus.

Breakthrough cases like this are rare. As of Friday, US7,781 breakthrough COVID-19 infections in fully vaccinated people had been confirmed in Dallas County. About 3% of those cases (241) resulted in hospitalizations, with 47 fully vaccinated people dying due to COVID-19.

It all started when Trivium Academy started its campus on Aug. 11 along with most of the other schools in Denton County.

Even though there was no strict mandate, students were advised to wear a mask.

After the increase in delta variant, Trivium Academy was forced to shut down its campus on Aug. 25 and when doing so, school Superintendent Sheryl Bradley wrote in a letter to parents that because of pending litigation surrounding Gov. Greg Abbott’s mask mandate ban, the district would continue to follow the executive order.

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She wrote, “At the moment, while we could issue a requirement to wear masks, we would not be able to legally enforce it.”

“We know when worn properly that masks help stop the spread of several communicable diseases such as COVID, strep, and flu. While we are not issuing a mask mandate at this time, we are pleading with you to help protect our Trivium community by having your child wear a mask at school.”

Wise was always in support of getting the vaccination. In one of her previous posts, she requested her friends to protect themselves by getting vaccinated.

She wrote, “Get vaccinated. Wear masks. Keep your distance and stay away from reckless people who will endanger your life and theirs for the love of a great steak or drinks with friends!”

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