Fourth Stimulus Check Still Not Confirmed for Texas Residents

Some states are looking to send economic stimulus checks to their constituents in order to help them get back up on their feet.

In Arizona, out-of-work residents can take advantage of the state’s back-to-work program.

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Those who go back to work part-time are eligible for $1,000. Those returning to full-time workers could get $2,000.

Vermont is not issuing a direct payout, the state offers to cover moving expenses up to $7,500 for people relocating to the state. The caveat is the individual must be relocating due to unemployment in hospitality and construction.

However, this seems to be a faraway case for Texas.

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There are sectors that see some improvements.

Florida teachers and principals will receive $1,000 in stimulus cash for their commitment to educating during the pandemic. Teachers are eligible for $500 in hazard pay bonuses in Maryland.

In Texas, educators would be receiving an increase in Fort Worth and Arlington schooling districts by at least 2%.

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The same increment will see Denton employees also be given a bonus of 500 dollars, on top of the 2% increase that they will be getting.

A petition that called for the extension of the $2,000 stimulus check for adults and $1,000 for kids is nearing 3,000,000 signatures as of November 27, 2021.

Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner who started the petition in 2020, wrote, “I’m calling on Congress to support families with a $2,000 payment for adults and a $1,000 payment for kids immediately, and continuing regular checks for the duration of the crisis.

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Otherwise, laid-off workers, furloughed workers, the self-employed, and workers dealing with reduced hours will struggle to pay their rent or put food on the table.”

“We need immediate checks and recurring payments so that we can keep our heads above water.  Congress needs to make sure that we won’t be left financially ruined for doing our part to keep the country healthy,” the petition said. 

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