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Fourth Stimulus Check: $1400 for Seniors Gets Strong Push, September Child Tax Credit Delayed


The call for a fourth stimulus check continues for many desperate Americans. The nonpartisan Senior Citizens League even recently reported that seniors have skipped meals and essential medication due to steeper costs of living. On the other hand, IRS also updated about the delays in the delivery of the September Child Tax Credit.

In 2020 Congress passed two relief bills that each provided a round of stimulus checks, totaling up to $1,800 per person. The first one, courtesy of the CARES Act back in March 2020, came as the country was at its most vulnerable as businesses and individuals struggled to come to terms with the ‘new normal. 

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Strong Push for Senior’s Fourth Stimulus Check?

The Senior Citizen League is calling for a fourth stimulus check for seniors. They said COLA adjustments have started affecting their ongoing payments, causing many seniors to go into debt. Low-income seniors worry about their budget for food benefits, rental subsidies, and other forms of support.

In 2021, the COLA rose by 1.3%, pretty standard for times of normality in the US economy. For the average retirement benefit, that amounted to $20 more per month for a total of $1,543. However, for 2022 it is projected to be radically different.

The COLA for 2022 is expected to be 6.0%, down from an estimate of 6.1% in August. From January 2022 the new average payment would be $1,628.

The group further explained the ongoing problems for their seniors. Recently, when five seniors visited a food pantry to apply their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the price of bacon shot up to 11 percent, beef up to 10.6 percent, and fresh fish up to 8.5 percent. As a result, seniors went with meals without meat, poultry, fish, and dairy.

September Child Tax Credit Delayed

It is important to note that the child tax credit payment delays have nothing to do with eligibility. Families that received the first and second payments automatically qualify for September, October, November, and December payments. Instead, the fault lies on IRS.

A week after the Internal Revenue Service sent out the third installment on the 2021 Child Tax Credit some families are scratching their heads wondering where their September payment is.

Despite receiving the first two installments in July and August, the scheduled payment for the 15 September still hasn’t arrived.

The IRS in a statement acknowledged that the agency is aware that “some individuals have not yet received their September payments,” and that the agency “is currently looking into this situation, and “will share more information as soon as possible.”

The exact number of parents affected isn’t known but hundreds of angry parents have contacted media outlets and taken to social media to inquire about the missing Child Tax Credit payments.

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Many have complained that the IRS can’t give them a clear explanation of why the payments haven’t been made. But this isn’t the first instance of payments not going out to eligible families as intended.

In August the IRS announced that some individuals that received payment via direct deposit in July would receive a paper check in August instead. This affected less than 15 percent of families who received payments by direct deposit in July and the agency said September payments would again be made via direct deposit.

IRS did not elaborate on the cause of delays. However, they confirmed that the problem lies in their systems. For now, American families are forced to wait for more updates and improvements from the IRS.

  1. Laney says

    All good Families get extra help
    But again SENIORS are left out
    With inflation and winter coming
    How are we going to pay for heating
    We can’t afford to buy food and medicine
    At the same time. But nobody is listening
    In Congress or the White House

  2. Lessa Bobbi Chapdelaine says

    I really hope one is sent out I have now not worked since October 2019 I was in a horrible accident and I’ve been on Social Security April 2020 with no Medicaid for Dr medication which monthly cost for just the 2 exceeds $1000.00 I’ve taken from one and used another we all need help yet some are disabled as I after being an OTR truck driver of 37 years im broken and if need if you could help it would be wonderful & thank you for what I have received its a Blessing.

    1. Marylou bell says

      A fourth stimulus check could help a lot of people including myself there are things that’s need in my house but right now it’s hard to get things that’s needed so I’m just one of millions of people in need

  3. Gypsy says

    If Average SSI is 1500 a month.
    I’m $700 shy of getting that.
    25% of us are beow poverty level.. most of us are women

  4. Barbara Walsh says

    See if I have this right. Parents are getting checks for their children although they are not the right amount. But they are getting checks Am I right? I have all kinds of sympathy for them raising children is very expensive parents have somewhere between four and eight children these parents these parents would want every dime that’s do them as would I to. But what about those of us who are senior citizens people who work for 40 years people who work longer than they were supposed to because they needed to work longer to be guaranteed income for the rest of their lives. Where is the amount of money for the senior citizen? It cost me more to buy groceries, to buy the supplies necessary to keep my house clean and my clothes clean. And what if little Sammy or Sally needs a couple of extra dollars for school projects things where I used to be able to kick in a dollar here or $5 there my coffers are bare. I don’t see mr. Biden who I did vote for rallying around the senior citizen issue.. I

  5. Linda says

    Im SO over broken promises. Im a single retired grandmother who is on SS and I am raising a 17 yr high school student. I received the 1st 2nd and 3rd stimulous was funLly sent to ONLY me ..then since all that my grandson hadnt nor myself any other ACT minies.Now about last if August or maybe middle Sept .Some how which we were SO happy when he recvd 1200 put in his bank. His first account..(“THE YEAR OF THE FIRSTS”) But nothing else has been monthly or weekly …Im confused as to the Senior benefits and my grandsons or my monthly govt money.
    I just dont know what or when things are suppose to be paid by these different Acts and Programs…I even recvd a threatening letter stating I have to pay back some money. WHAT? I cant sleep I worry about all this stuff. I just would like to get at least my grandson so he can get a second hand car for school andhis little part time job..Hes A Honor Student.He deserves more than 1 check..I cant afford to buy him a car on $900 SS.
    Im So Worn Out thinking what and how do i feel this stuff out..WHO can you Trust? Thank you for your time.

  6. Debra Balkcom says

    We still have not gotten the 3rd check and can’t find anything on it.

  7. Carol Wells says

    We all need help now days.seners. Number one we get tired of being last all the time.The children got two or three. extra dollars .Now it is our time.Hello.

  8. Carmen Blea says

    Can’t afford to do much with your SS Check. Just pay rent buy a little bet of food and pay light bill. They give money to all the kids that’s Good. But how about all the people on SS. It would be nice to get a little something .

  9. Shelly Bridwell says

    I have not once twice third or the 4th seem to check if I get to receive I’ve been through different channels of the IRS different states writing letters after letters even to Congress and yet this is not resolved I’ve sent documents after documents with signatures and references and everything else they have asked me for yet I still getting no response from the IRS if there’s anyone out there there’s an advocate I would really like to speak with you on whom and how I should resolve this matter my identity was stolen so I’ve done everything they wanted me to do to the fraud department yet still no response many questions please respond hold up who the hell

  10. Debra Lane says

    Thank you President Biden
    Yes we need this 4th stimulus check
    It’s hard with all items are going up and gas ⛽ etc..
    It’s hard Being a low income Senior

    1. Denver says

      Biden doesn’t know his name, his location or what time it is.

  11. LYNDIA Duprcee says

    I bought my Thanksgiving dinner today. The prices are going up so fast I was afraid if I wait until next month I wouldn’t be able to.
    I bought a small turkey breast, small ham, two oak stuffing, two chicken broth, two cans cranberry sauce, butter, milk, $57.00. I have $22.00 left for the rest of the month. Need I say more!😧

  12. Dae says

    I hope everyone knows that Seniors and people on SSDI are only getting $19.00 in snap benefits. Which isn’t much to buy the things they all need. An some Ssdi people are only getting $1,149.00 a month to live on.

  13. Donna Murphy says

    My husband and I are seniors and in desperate need of help. He was in the hospital for 7 weeks 4 on the ventilator. Thank god he survived. But as we speak he is in surgery having a ventilure bypass done on his leg. Had it done in July but the vein used did not work. The poor man had staples from his groin to ankle,that got infected so back in the hospital then had a huge lump in thigh turned out to be a giant dried blood area, they were going to do another bypass but said it was to risky due to heart problems they said was more likely caused from covid and the ventilator. And he started getting ulsers on his foot. Extreme pain there but was told pain meds won’t help because there is NO blood flow to his foot. Today right before the surgery we were told he had some ganggreen in his foot and they will try to save the foot. He is 69 and has never had health problems aside from diabetes and maybe a cold now and then. And we have no insurance. Our medical bills are over a quarter million. I applied for help from our county and were denied they said our medical spenddiwn is not enough. We get just over $1.600. AMONTH SSI AND PAY $1.200.00 FOR RENT. MY HUSBANDS meds for insulin and 4 different pills are $799.99 every month and as said no insurance. And now we have to move after renting this house for 16 years because the landlord has to buy a new furnace and water heater and doesn’t want to spend any money so they said we have to move. They have not put 1 penny in this house. Our carpet is 40 years old. We have no electric in the kitchen except 1 outlet. No refrigerator in the kitchen. I have 1 in the basement but it cant fit up the stairs because we had to put a wall up behind the stair railing. And I would LOVE to move but have no money. Our wonderfull landlady told us to put our things in storage and go to a shelter. Nice after 16 yrs. She owned 6 homes and with each move out we did the cleaning,painting,carpet cleaning,fixed what needed fixing ect. After 16 yrs. And my husband with his health. I’m terrified that we’re gonna end up living in my van. So we really desperatly need a 4th stimulus. Fgs our neighbors husban works she gets disability she said she faked being bipolar, works under the table getting paid cash from her landlord and she said due to covid gets an extra $365.00 per month in food stamps per child, she has 5 kids. Plus is on subsidized housing. We have worked our entire lives paid taxes and now could really use help from our goverment. Ha I’m to old to have more kids so we can get all the help those on welfare get.(sorry for that to those who DO NOT work the system. But ya know what seniors need help too. Please. Your giving $3.600. To people with children for tax credits. Well what about those of us who had children and worked for years to support them. Paid our taxes so the state didn’t have to support them. We can’t afford food,meds,ect. Yet the kids nextdoor all have new bikes and hoverboards. Nice!!! Dear politicans what if it were your parents would you then care. Wake up. ALL PEOPLE MATTER!!!!

  14. Priscilla Sinclair says

    I have not gotten a check since march .i just don’t know what else to do but i 🙏 that you all hurry up because I can’t take it anymore. I don’t have my bank account on file with IRS but please send it to my mail box. I have $ 5 in my bank account and that’s been in there since March.us Elderly need this am 2 months behind in my Rent and no food in my Refrigerator.

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