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Fourth $2000 Stimulus Checks: Will Americans Still Receive Relief Payment?

Families have received much-needed financial assistance throughout the pandemic, from stimulus checks to advance child tax credit payments.

Last week, millions of families received their third child tax credit check for up to $300 per child. And about 2 million more California residents received their second round of Golden State Stimulus checks for $600 (or up to $1,100) on Sept. 17.

Calls are growing louder for a fourth $2000 stimulus check. As widespread financial insecurity and the surge in delta variant cases continue on, there’s plenty of support across the US for more direct relief — one petition calling for $2,000 recurring checks has collected over 2.89 million signatures.

Yet Congress has not authorized another stimulus check this year and isn’t planning to. Lawmakers are focused on the $1 trillion infrastructure bill and the $3.5 trillion federal budget package. 

“These payments help keep families out of poverty, but they also act as an economic stimulus by increasing spending and supporting jobs,” a letter from Democrats to House and Senate leadership read. “Now is the time for boldness.”

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While a fourth stimulus payment is off the table, some households could qualify for an additional stimulus check for up to $1,400 if they’ve had a baby or adopted this year — though the money won’t arrive until 2022.

Other aid from the IRS includes supplemental “plus-up” payments for owed stimulus amounts, as well as tax refunds on 2020 unemployment compensation

Researchers have found that the first three stimulus checks helped reduce hardships like food insufficiency and financial instability. So far, during the pandemic, eligible adults have received a max of $3,200 and children have received up to $2,500. For struggling families, that’s not enough to bounce back from lost wages and benefits.

What stimulus money has Congress approved?

Child tax credit payments for families: A temporary expansion of the child tax credit for 2021 sends qualifying families up to $3,600 for each child — you can calculate your total here. The advance partial payments of up to $300 per dependent, which began this summer, are issued monthly (the next one comes on Oct. 15) through the end of the year, with final payment in 2022. 

Additional federal stimulus money: The third stimulus payments of up to $1,400 are still going out in batches to those who are eligible through the end of 2021.

The IRS is also sending out “plus-up” payments, which is extra money making up the difference between the stimulus amount you already received (based on your 2019 return) and the amount you’re eligible to receive (based on your updated 2020 return). 

Also, if an individual in your family becomes a dependent in 2021, such as a newborn or foster child, they could also be eligible for a $1,400 payment.

According to the tax agency, for any new qualifying dependents to receive the third payment you’d have to claim a Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2021 tax return that you’ll file in 2022.

Bonus payments to educators: As part of the American Rescue Plan, state and local governments received $350 billion in assistance.

Much of that aid will go to schools, with some states deciding to pay their teachers and other school staff a “thank you” bonus of up to $1,000.

The states participating are Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Colorado, Texas, and California. It’s likely other states will approve similar funds in the future, as they have until 2024 to spend the funds.

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  1. What about extra support for our truck drivers? They go in and out of different states and business’, putting their health in harm’s way. Freight has become sparce, which means checks are less. Many companies are having drivers being found dead in their trucks because they’re trying to get in one last load so their families can keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables. I’m not making light of teachers getting “hazard” pay but they get paid all year even during school breaks. These drivers don’t get paid if their truck isn’t rolling. How about some assistance for them?

  2. I agree, what about those who have been working thru all this? The truckers, the people who feed the truckers, the people who work in good, the people who keep all our utilities working? What about families that have NO young kids? Don’t we deserve the help as well?

    • This is WHAT I SAY!! I work for the courts system as a senior paralegal for 25 years now I am now since 2013 been a self employed paralegal as a independent contractor for attorneys and we have never been able to stop working and the income in the city I live in is not what you would think! I have to Pay my own taxes don’t have a an employer who provides 401k paid sick leave or paid vacation but we are essential workers as well and had to convert to zoom dockets hearings mediations court ordered handle court ordered CPS CASES which are very essential and increasingly have become more and more since COVID TO WHERE WE NOW HAVE A ENTIRE SEPARATE CHILD PROTECTION COURT FOR ONLY THESE CASES WHICH we have had to learn how every county we work in does things differently and how they operate new software as each court in all counties have different requirements that have to be met and how things have to be filed for clients before hearings but hours also dropped alot! Clients are in jail and it’s essential that we still have to continue what the law requires us to under rules of ethics to keep them updated came down to visiting with clients in jail on iPads county had to purchase when visits were at one time shut down from everyone! Courts still and have never shut down we have been required to adjust and change to new state laws and regulations. As a paralegal we are in the middle class that gets hit the worse and always have since before COVID. I don’t have dependents under 18 but have had to help my children fincially with my grandchildren but can’t claim child tax credit as a grandparent so do we stop going our children bc the government only looks at parents with younger kids well I am a mother that will never not be there for my kids or grandkids when I can but the system is so messed up it urks me to the core!! Then our tax dollars pay for hotel rooms for undocumented immigrants which I have no issue with just that my tax dollars are used to help everyone but myself it’s the worse thing that gets to me that we as middle class work every day live in what they call a poverty area but can get no help why those that do get help stop working sit in their butts sale their government assistance use money to buy all but the right things and still are looking at evictions as they continue to not pay rent even on housing assistance electric assistance I don’t understand the government as it is not hard at all to see what people do with money they dish out to all but not to the ones that sometimes need just a lil help wake up GOVERNMENT BEFORE EVERYONE LOOKS AT IT IF THEY CAN GET MORE MONEY NOT WORKING HAVING MORE BABIES WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO KEEP PAYING TAX DOLLARS FOR THOSE PEOPLE AMD JUST GET MONEY FROM TBE GOVERNMENT BUT NO I WAS RAISED TO WORK AND BE VERY INDEPENDENT BUT THE EFFECTS I FEEL FROM PEOPLE WHO SIT ON THE COUCH WAITING ON THE GOVT TO KEEP PAYING THEM WE HAVE TO PAY FOR HIGHER GAS PRICES HIGHER EVERYTHING PAY FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS TO LIVE IN NICE HOTELS WHAT IF WE HAVE NO FOOD NO ELECTRIC! But the government does not think about the middle class only the rich or you got to be poor living off assistance to get anything I CALL IT A BUNCH OF CRAP AND IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE WHY KEEP PAYING TAXES TO GET PUNCHED BY THE GOVERNMENT

  3. Families with no kids need help !! It’s time senators and congressman earn their pay and remember who pays their salaries etc. You all talk a good game in reality lie . The families Americans taxes do what for whom. Maybe Americans should cut your salaries n tax you all more I am sure you aren’t going without! Republicans can spend take funds from social security no regrets that you may have screwed the elderly who have worked hard and for what pay back what you took.quit passing the buck its nor democrats or Republicans it’s both parties grow some balls that you get paid for..Americans want good answers not lies.

  4. who’s thinking about senior citizens on fixed income, 787 a month. what are we going to do not able to work electric and water bills have increased the cost of food has increased cost of gas we put in our cars has increased . This type of income we can’t even afford burial insurance. Pay the insurance bill and by the time your second bill arrives it has to be canceled for nonpayment. By the middle of each month we are waiting for the blessings of the next month’s check. If receiving SSI and want to work we are not allowed to make over really part time pay before the monthly check is being deducted. Really or told “what is more important, working losing your Medicaid or Medicare insurance. Really regardless how it pans out we are on the bottom of the ladder just waiting to drop off. And this is real talk.

  5. The hold system needs to be revamped because it looks like their is a conflict of what’s a priority or if you attend to one issue another one suffers which is clear no one had or has any plan in place for times such as this when, people have worked all their life everything is always after the fact of panic, delay, and never any plan for the pandemic, school system, homeless, and violence this is unacceptable and it is clear no systems where ever but in place ahead of time to deal with any of these issues, I can’t believe we are living day to day in Major Disaster, I praying for a Healing for the Human race 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  6. How about those who are on social security and cannot get the jobs out there paying higher wages, due to disabilities and are stuck on a fixed income? Barley making bills and having to decide what bills we can pay for the month, and still put food on the table?

  7. I m a Senior, 69 yrs. Old. With under 900.00 per mo. Social security. 1/3 goes to rent. 50 to 60 dollars a month for utities. 38.00 per month. For whole life insurance!! Its impossible to save anything! Seniors need a recurring stimulus, even if only 600.00 per month!!

  8. How about single people who just can’t get by and don’t qualify for anything?? Try paying $1000 rent after hurricane Laura with no gvmt help and being sick for 8 months .on top of that I lost my job and can’t live on $247 a week. I’m 59 and 1st time on unemployment!!! Guess I should have had some kids at 40 lol.

  9. I am all for kids and parents to recieve any stimulus for them. I also think congress should consider giving more money to single people and the elderly. Things are getting more and expensive,although they have food banks their is still a lot of people who can’t get there or don’t have no one to take them. People who live in rural areas need assistance as well. I am a 56 year old woman with a disability that would really like to see recurring payments.

  10. What about childcare teachers? And Moms that can’t work because of their children’s school schedule? Part time work can’t and won’t pay the bills let alone healthy full course meals? These are growing children. Families are just trying to survive. Everyone should benefit because every human being is struggling one way or the other.

    • I think they’d rather spend money on anything else except us. I don’t think we’ll ever get another check. I think they’re done with us now. I work all the time and still can’t catch up on my bills. A little extra would help so much. But I don’t see anything happening. The law makers haven’t even mentioned anything about that.

  11. I receive social security and the price of everything is going up . It looks like if you are not able to work you are just left out . When I was able to work I did and I worked hard . I PRAY some one will speak on behalf of the people who are disabled and receiving social security. If not Iam not going to be able to survive. It will be appreciated if I can get another stimulus check .Thank you all.

    • I wish they would, but I don’t think they care. I read money for the last things they got passed was going to things like government furniture and just all kinds of stuff that doesn’t need it. I don’t think we’re getting anything else anymore I think they’re done with us.

  12. There are jobs out there. People don’t want to work they want hand outs. All this spending congress is doing is stupid. People need to get off their ass and go back to work.

  13. Another thought congress needs to take some of the trillions they are spending and replace all the money they stole from SS. If they need to cut spending cut their own paychecks.

  14. These petitions don’t mean anything to lawmakers. I see these news articles about millions that sign a petition. We’re probably done getting any kind of checks except for the parents that get one for the kids. I’ll admit it was nice to get the stimulus checks we got. I work and can’t catch up on bills so another would be nice but I think it’s all over with now.

  15. im disabled and i cant even buy the everyday essentials for me and my disabled wife witch has not yet got her ssi then when she does get it social Security said she would only receive a 148 dollars what is this makes no sense the government is not helping no one they hurting us why is this this is wrong very wrong i have ptsd she does to they say she is 50 50 so she cant get ssi she has reapplied but heard nothing this is very wrong the government aint for us they for there self poor people have no chance something needs to be done period.

  16. My name is Jason Tucker, on 01/23/2020 I had a lil boy. My taxes are a Little messed up so I did what I could to fix them. I have been to the office of the IRS in town & country in st.louis county They didn’t help me. The mother of my son also had to fix her taxes.
    She has yet to receive our son’s stimulus check for 1,400 also has not seen hers. Now unemployment is telling her they over paid her 13,888 dollars an say I owe almost 4000 in overpayment…. For myself I have not seen a cent of stimulus money not the ,1st 600 dollars, nor 2nd 1,200 dollars, nor the 1,400 dollars. I also have not seen my tax return.. also my employer Applebee’s in st.louis county in the bluffs told unemployment that I refused to return when I asked for 2 days to get a hep B shot. Under oath lied an cost my family greatly. I have appealed with no luck but I did not quit. I make way under the minimum wage to receive the stimulus an was fired. But I can’t seem to find anyone that will help me.. today is Sunday September 26th 2021. My newborn will be 2 years old in 4 months. Yet I have received next to No help from the IRS, state or federal government. As of September 1st I have been living in a tent in my girlfriend’s parents backyard. Her an our son stay in a very tiny room with no space for me. It is very uncomfortable for them already without me in the room with them. My fiance just started a online from home job but we won’t see any money for a while. I pray every day my taxes or stimulus will come in the mail. But I continue to be disappointed when getting the mail. I help take care of 4 elderly immune suppressed people. Both my in-laws a great aunt who also lives with in-laws and my own mother. I don’t see one post or status or news broadcast talking about the hard working Americans who haven’t received what is rightfully theirs. I don’t know what more to do. If anyone out there can tell me how I can get my money or anything to help my family it would be greatly appreciated.I suffer from mental health issues already so this is making things much harder on me. I am homeless an have No money to my name but I am owed at least the 3,200 in stimulus money an my child an girlfriend are owed 2,800 we think it maybe more. Without this money we are going to struggle to get by. Our family help get diapers and wipes an we do get food stamps. But we need a real home for our son not a tiny room and a tent. I am a united states citizen but being a low class citizen, I guess means my family does not matter. PLEASE HELP ME .. please 😢😞
    Thank you too anyone who takes the time to read this it’s very much appreciated.
    I wonder if there are still compassionate people out there. I hope so with all my heart for the sake of my son an our future. Anything that could help us would be amazing. Let me know if you know of anything I can do please.

  17. To Mr Highs not every one will hire a 53 yr old man whoe has been homeless and an orphan ,there are jobs but they pick and choose ,also I have learned If you are not related or have friends in the company your screws ,One more thing EVER PERSON ON GoDS EARTH HAS THE WRIGHT TO LIVE SO THAT IDIOTIC StATEMENT about there are jobs out there and people nee to go get one is bullshit and I thank God Mommy And Daddy gave you a boost ,there are people out here with nobody I see woman and kids, elderly ,people disabled ,An watch Police or ambulances and peaple whoe say the believe in the drive by or walk by without even akind word ,so don’t give that bullshit about ( there are jobs ) try living like them or surviving like they had to ,not everyone was born with the grade you’ve been given think about every word I just said and think about someone other than yourself


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