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Four Texans killed in a Rollover Crash on a Highway

A pickup truck rolled after hitting an icy patch on a highway about 75 miles south of Kansas City.

According to CBS local report retrieved from the Kansas Highway Patrol, the crash occurred on US Highway 69 in Linn County on Friday morning.

The accident had occurred when the 2019 Dodge Ram was veered into a ditch after Larry Klingensmith, 66, lost control of the vehicle after it hit the ice.

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Afterward, the truck rolled twice before landing upside down in a flooded area and becoming submerged.

All three passengers who were all from Winnsboro, Texas, died in the accident including Klingensmith.

The other people in the truck were Kimberly Klingensmith, 65; Karly Klingensmith, 32; and Nicolas Klingensmith, 36.

Crash logs indicate no other vehicle was involved.

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