Four People are Facing Charges in World Cup Brawl that Left Three Chicago Cops Injured in the Gold Coast

Following a dispute on Saturday between supporters of rival soccer teams in the Gold Coast that left two Chicago police officers hurt, two women and two men have been charged with felony offenses. The majority of the accused are suburbanites.

At approximately 4:45 p.m., police were called to the scene of a big altercation involving approximately 15 people outside Gold Coast Social, located at 7 West Division. As recounted by eyewitnesses, after Argentina’s victory over Mexico in the World Cup, the bar erupted into fights among the fans who had gathered there to watch the game.

Prosecutors claimed that an officer helping to break up the brawl on Sunday told Cristian Munoz, 22, of Cicero, to move to the sidewalk. Instead, the report states that Munoz walked around the vehicle and assaulted the female officer. After kicking a male cop in the face and causing another female officer to sustain bruising and abrasions to her knees, the officer allegedly used her Taser to subdue Munoz.

On top of resisting arrest, he is now charged with aggravated violence against a police officer. Police radioed that some of the fight’s participants had driven away in a car. Amanda Jimenez, 36, of Orland Park, was located in the driver’s seat of a matching vehicle in the first block of East Goethe, just a block away.

Jimenez allegedly claimed ownership of the purse and the phone found inside

Prosecutors claim that when officers asked Jimenez and her passenger to exit the vehicle, they discovered a loaded weapon in a bag inside a purse on the passenger floorboard. After being stopped by police, Jimenez allegedly claimed ownership of the purse and the phone found inside.

The purse was recovered by police after surveillance footage allegedly showed Jimenez walking and running with it. The charges against her include driving while her license is suspended, cannabis possession, and aggravated unauthorized use of a weapon.

Prosecutors claim she has a history of felony convictions, including aggravated evading in 2013 and 2015 and aggravated DUI in 2013. Judge Mary Marubio gave her a $100 cash bail. Maru has demanded that Munoz make a $300 down payment.

Two other individuals were also arrested and charged with minor offenses. In Gurnee, 22-year-old Alejandro Dominguez and Grayslake’s 26-year-old Patrick Lopez have been charged with disorderly conduct and two counts of criminal trespassing, respectively.

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