Four Female Kittens are Delivered by a Mountain Lion Near the Los Angeles Mountains

This week, authorities confirmed that a mountain lion that biologists had followed in the highlands outside Los Angeles had given birth to four healthy kittens throughout the summer.

According to Tuesday’s announcement from the National Park Service, the litter was born in July in the western Santa Monica Mountains to a cougar known as “P-99.” All four kittens are female. Thus their numbers correspond to their names: P-109, P-110, P-111, and P-112.

As reported by the park service in late August, biologists could examine and tag the young lions alone in the den. A young lioness rests safely in a cave in the western rocky outcrops of the Santa Monica Mountains.

A proposal for regional wildlife district

One of the young lions resting in a haven in the rugged west Santa Monica Mountains. Additionally, two adult female mountain lions (P-105 and P-106) have been added to the 20-year study. Researchers are keeping tabs on how the large cats are faring in a LA area increasingly dominated by urban development.

A regional wildlife district to safeguard mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, and deer are being considered by Los Angeles officials. This week, the proposal will be heard by the Los Angeles planning commission.


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