Former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Will Not Run for Chicago Mayor

Former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn announced Thursday that he will not run for mayor of Chicago.

Quinn, who spent one term as governor before losing to Bruce Rauner in 2014, said he thought about running but eventually opted not to.

After considerable contemplation, he chose not to run for Chicago mayor.

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The former governor didn’t back any of the current contenders, including Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

He wants to work in politics, but not as an elected official.

“Organize.” “Work like crazy and organise,” he urged.

Candidates prepare petitions for the Feb. 28 ballot while Quinn makes his choice.

Lightfoot is seeking reelection and has several opponents. Rep. Jess “Chuy” Garca revealed his decision to run last week.

Brandon Johnson, a Cook County Board Commissioner, has SEIU and CTU support.

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Sophia King, Roderick Sawyer, Raymond Lopez, Paul Vallas, Kam Buckner, Dr. Willie Wilson, and Ja’Mal Green are running for alderman in Chicago.

Candidates need 12,500 signatures by Monday to be on the February ballot.

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