Following a six-year investigation, the Clinton campaign has been found guilty of breaking campaign laws.

As a self-serving, corrupt politician for decades, Hillary Clinton is desperate for power above all else. Furthermore, she was never held legally accountable — either in relation to Benghazi or to any of the Clinton scandals from the 1990s, in which she violated laws governing government secrecy and transparency.


As of right now, that is.



This may be the first time Clinton has been held accountable. The now-famous Steele dossier led to fines levied by the Federal Election Commission against Hillary for America, Clinton’s 2016 campaign committee, and the Democratic National Committee.

At least $113,000 in penalties, the Federal Election Commission found that Clinton and her co-conspirators used their law firm to secretly fund British national Christopher Steele, who compiled and distributed the now-discredited dossier, to fund his research.


The Clinton campaign spent more than $1 million on the ruse but failed to disclose the true recipients and purposes of the money. Democrats broke federal campaign finance laws by using Perkins Coie as a “cut out” to hide their dirty tricks.

A similar scheme involving only a fraction of the total amount was criminally prosecuted in 2015 against political operatives Jesse Benton, Dimitrios Kesari, and John Tate.


Federal Election Commission officials have found that the Democratic National Committee and Hillary for America lied about how they spent campaign funds in order to evade transparency rules for political gain.


It’s also worth noting that the allegations in the dossier came straight from the Kremlin. The lies contained in the dossier were designed to sway the 2016 election, which is ironic given the nothing-burger of a “Russian collusion” story that soon followed former President Trump’s victory.

Years of Democratic spin on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election have revealed the Democrats’ true motivations: a last-ditch effort to seize control of the White House by any means necessary.


Despite her best efforts, Clinton failed, and she showed no remorse for the long-term damage she caused to public confidence in our democratic system. Because of the FEC, the fight to hold our corrupt elites accountable has been proven to be a worthwhile one. It is up to individuals to force federal officials to act at a time when most people do not trust the government.


The FEC’s recent ruling was a defeat for Clinton’s corruption, but a victory for the “little guy.” The Coolidge Reagan Foundation, for which I served as counsel, filed an FEC complaint against Clinton and other Democrats in 2018, and as a result, they were held accountable.

We spent months investigating the Clintons and hammering down on the violations that came back to haunt them, despite the fact that Coolidge Reagan was operating on a shoestring budget.


Let’s hope that the FEC’s action is just the beginning and not the end in this case. We can only hope that the FEC will act more quickly the next time. We can only hope that the next Clinton will be more cautious with her use of authority.

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