Florida Mother Arrested After 11-year-old Son Shoots Teen During Apopka Football Season

A woman from Florida was charged with a crime on Thursday because police say she left a loaded gun in her car in a worn-out and torn cardboard box. Her 11-year-old son is accused of shooting two teens at a football practice in October.

According to a news statement from the state attorney’s office, Sharelle Johnson, 33, did not lock the box, so it was easy to open. Police say Johnson’s son shot two teens after a fight at football practice with a gun that was in the car.

She was charged with carelessness for leaving a loaded gun where a child could easily get to it. If found guilty, you could spend up to five years in jail. A phone message left with the family’s attorney’s office was not immediately answered.

Mother of Florida boy accused of football practice shooting now charged with felony:

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According to an Apopka Police Department report, one of the shooting victims struck the toddler in the face, and a witness claimed the boy had been chased and attacked by the group.

Police records say that a surveillance film showed one of the victims chasing the 11-year-old before the shooting.

Police noted in the report that the suspect took the revolver and raced toward the two teenagers as someone attempted to break up the dispute.

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