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First Time In 15 Months Japan Reports No COVID-Related Deaths


The novel Coronavirus did not cause any deaths in Japan for a single day for the first time ever.

It has been 15 months since a single day (on Sunday) was reported without a fatality in Japan.

Though, 162 newly reported virus cases were reported in the country on the same day.

COVID-19 patients with severe illness across the country stood at 100, unchanged from Saturday.

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There were also 21 new infections reported on Sunday by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

On the other hand, the daily tally for the 11th consecutive day was below 30, down by one from a week earlier.

New cases averaged 20.1 in Tokyo over the last week, a decrease from 24.6 a week earlier.

There are still 12 COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms under the standards of the metropolitan government.

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Nonetheless, 39 new cases of the virus were reported in Osaka Prefecture, one of the most hard-hit areas.

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