FedEx Driver Faces Dog Attack in Moore County Neighborhood

Two German shepherds bit a FedEx employee during a recent delivery in Moore County, according to the employee.

WRAL News received pictures of Angela Wyche’s bandaged wounds from her; some of them were too graphic to print. She added that the attack took place in Carthage on Friday.

FedEx delivery driver says she was attacked by dogs in Moore County:

Wyche stated she was heading to a residence on Bethlehem Church Road to deliver something. She said the door opened as she walked up to it.

“One was on my left leg, one was on my right leg and they were just biting me and biting me,” Wyche said. “I was screaming, I was moving my legs. the dogs was growing and kept biting me.”

Make sure you don’t skip these news:

Wyche also displayed her $408 medical bill to us. Investigators, she added, got in touch with the dog’s owner, who confirmed that the dogs had received their vaccinations. She’s waiting to have it confirmed.

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