FBI Arrests ‘Suspected Serial Killer’ In Connection With Deaths In Missouri And Kansas

FBI Arrests ‘Suspected Serial Killer’ In Connection With Deaths In Missouri And Kansas

A suspected serial killer who allegedly killed six and injured two people in Missouri and Kansas was arrested on Monday by the FBI.

FBI news release says Perez Reed, 25, was arrested at Independence, Missouri, after getting off a train.

The arrest of Reed was successful after investigators found a ticket for a flight from Kansas City, Missouri to St. Louis.

While he was being arrested, the police found out that he had a semiautomatic pistol of .40 caliber in his possession.

“This caliber matches firearm shell casings found at the unsolved shootings in the City and County of St. Louis during September 2021,” the news release said.

“At least six victims were shot, four fatally, with the same .40 caliber firearm.”

While investigation was on, Reed’s attorney was been contacted for comment.

An affidavit in a criminal complaint filed in federal court in Missouri says Reed agreed to answer agents’ questions on Friday.

In accordance with the timeline laid out in the affidavit, the victims were shot between mid-September and late October.

Despite residing in St. Louis, Reed had traveled to Kansas City, the FBI reported.

In the area, two more victims were shot and killed, the FBI said, and their shooting was similar to the shootings in St. Louis.

Upon entering the apartment complex, Reed’s driver’s license was captured by security, which enabled law enforcement to identify him.

A Black male with a crescent tattoo on his forehead appeared in the building’s surveillance video.

Reed’s mug shot shows a tattoo that matches the latter identity.

Two counts of murder are pending against Reed in St. Louis County.

According to the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Reed is charged with one count of first-degree assault, along with three counts of armed criminal action.

The criminal complaint against Reed says he has been federally charged with transferring a firearm between states with intent to commit a felony.

In Kansas City and St. Louis, as the crimes are still under investigation, the charges against Reed have not been filed so far.

The St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney reports Reed is already being held in federal custody.

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