Family Seeks Justice: Baby’s Death Ruled Homicide After Metro Atlanta Hospital Tragedy

The Clayton County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that the death of Treveon Isaiah Taylor, Jr., a baby who was decapitated after childbirth at Southern Regional Medical Center, was a homicide.

Jessica Ross, 20, had a frightening experience when she went into labor on July 9th.

According to a complaint filed by the family, the labor took a tragic turn when the infant became stuck during delivery.

Despite the efforts of the family’s doctor, Treveon’s head was tragically detached from his body during the childbirth procedure.

Family Seeks Justice in Heartbreaking Lawsuit

The Ross family has filed legal action against the medical personnel involved in the birth, including the delivering doctor, Tracey St. Julian, her OBGYN business, and the nurses and doctors present throughout labor.

Family Seeks Justice Baby's Death Ruled Homicide After Metro Atlanta Hospital Tragedy

The case claims serious medical negligence and wrongful death, accusing the doctors of employing excessive force during the birth, which resulted in the baby’s terrible injuries.

Furthermore, the family believes the hospital tried to hide the horrible reality about Treveon’s death.

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Authorities Investigate And Seek Accountability

The Clayton County Police Department has thoroughly investigated the circumstances behind Treveon’s unfortunate demise.

They have since sent their findings to the District Attorney’s Office for additional examination.

While the inquiry has concluded, it is unclear whether any charges will be filed against individuals implicated.

Southern Regional Medical Center issued a statement blaming the infant’s death on an in-utero episode before birth.

It distanced itself from the delivering doctor, Tracey St. Julian, whom the hospital does not employ.

The heartbreaking story has left the community devastated and mourning the loss of young Treveon.

As the legal processes continue, the Ross family seeks justice and accountability for their beloved son’s premature and unthinkable death.

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