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FAIR Proclaims Amnesty Passed by The House Will be Thrown Out



‘Build Back Better’ is a $1.75 trillion policy package passed on almost party-line today with many expensive provisions that are mainly beneficial to narrow Democratic constituencies.

All the bill’s special interests giveaways will not be expensive and will not have the same long-term impact as the section that rewards millions of people who broke the U.S. immigration law.

Though this bill provides companies with even greater access to foreign labor at lower wages, it charges the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

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“At a time when unpopular Biden administration policies have sparked the greatest surge in illegal immigration in American history, the razor-thin Democratic majority in the House is rewarding illegal behavior and encouraging even more of it,” FAIR President Dan Stein said.

“It is a shameless effort on the part of the White House and Democratic leadership to enact radical immigration policy changes through budget reconciliation that could never be approved on their own merits.

“All eyes are now on the Senate to strip these provisions from the bill as it makes its way to the other side of the Hill,” Stein said.

“The Senate parliamentarian has already rejected two previous attempts to hijack the reconciliation process to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, and we expect that she will rule against this latest attempt.

“We call on senators from both parties to reject this naked attempt to subvert Senate rules in an effort to enact extreme, poorly-timed immigration policies that have little public support and advance no compelling interests of the American people. In the short-term, the immigration provisions of the bill would result in even more illegal immigration and cost burdens on American taxpayers. In the long-term, as the people gaining amnesty become eligible for the full panoply of public benefits, the price tag will balloon above a trillion.”

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