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Fact Check: Contrary to Social Media Claims, There is no Plan for a Fourth Stimulus Check

As tax season has begun, some experts warn that 2022 may see some problems similar to those that happened in 2021, when several stimulus checks caused severe problems with the IRS’ filing system.

An array of social media posts stated that the fourth round of stimulus checks is on the way, even though it’s been about a year since stimulus checks were last issued.

“SENDING OUT $2,000 CHECKS FOR EVERYONE! FOURTH STIMULUS CHECK,” the title of a Jan. 28 Facebook video stated. The video gained more than 20,000 views, USAToday reported.

Some YouTube videos announcing the checks would be deposited on Feb. 9 were viewed 40,000 more times.

However, none of the videos included evidence of an upcoming payment. This is because there is none.

The IRS officially confirmed there will be no fourth stimulus check.

A spokesperson for the agency could not be reached for comment.

As of now, It Is Unlikely a Fourth Stimulus Check Will Be Sent Out

Many people are calling for a fourth stimulus check to be approved, arguing that even though the payments have ceased, the pandemic has not.

There are over three million signatures on the Change.org petition requesting recurring payments of $2,000 per adult and $1,000 per child until the pandemic is over.

IRS spokesperson Eric Smith told USA TODAY that no such payment has yet been approved.

Several posts have posted incorrect information about fourth stimulus checks. Similar posts have also appeared in May and July of 2021.

Several analysts do not believe a fourth stimulus check will be approved either.

Moreso, CBS News reported on Jan. 31 that the Biden administration’s focus on infrastructure has reduced the odds of another stimulus package.

Here is a Timeline of Stimulus Checks in the Past

Nearly two years ago, pandemic stimulus payments began.

During the COVID-19 pandemic just beginning in the spring of 2020, stimulus checks were first deposited, which drove up unemployment rates and caused hardship for many.

Couples earning less than $150,000 received $2,400, while individuals earning less than $75,000 received $1,200.

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The Trump administration also approved a second round of stimulus checks in December 2020 – $600 per individual taxpayer, $1,200 per married couple, and an additional $600 for each child under the age of 17.

A third-round came in March 2021 as part of the Biden administration, giving individuals $1,400 and married couples $2,800, along with $1,400 per dependent.

Review: Claim for Fourth Stimulus Check are False

The claim that another stimulus payment of $2,000 to be sent is FALSE based on our research.

The IRS has not approved the fourth round of checks, as Americans have received three rounds.

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