Explore the Best Dessert Menu In Illinois at this Restaurant

If you are a sweet lover, then this is for you. For those who savor their sweet tooth and for those who wake up dreaming of a chocolate pastry for breakfast, here is a guide. Whether you enjoy ice cream, doughnuts, creme brûlée, or a sweet parfait, the best dessert menu in the state has you covered.

The restaurant with the best dessert menu in all of Illinois, according to a list created by Eat This Not That, is Parlor Pizza in Chicago. The “Neapolitan pizza” and “TACOlato” at this unique restaurant are well-known. The TACOloto is a filled dessert encased in a waffle shell crust, according to Eat This Not That. Sprinkles, candy toppings, ice cream, and other ingredients can be added to the filling to make it more unique.

Eat This Not That talked tremendously about the desserts of Parlor Pizza. At each of its three locations, Parlor Pizza has a dessert station called Dessert Dealer. Spend some time indulging in a TACOlato, a dessert taco made with waffle shells, after finishing a Neapolitan pizza. Your dessert can be personalized with toppings and fillings. The Unicorn Dreams, for example, is made with birthday cake ice cream, gummy worms, fruity marshmallows, rainbow airheads, blueberry sauce, whipped cream, and a shell covered in sprinkles. It’s incredible, much like its namesake.

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