Experts Can’t Agree On What’S Causing The Brook Park Rec Center Roof To Leak

BROOK PARK, OH – The Brook Park Recreation Center roof has been leaking for many years. The underlying cause of the problem and who is to blame for repairing it is unknown.

Brewer-Garrett Company representatives claimed at a recent Brook Park City Council caucus that their business partner, West Roofing Systems, Inc., is not to blame.

However, Construction Resources, Inc. consultant Bud Griffith reports that initial roof installations completed outside of code compliance in May. Based on a comprehensive study his company conducted.

Brewer-Garrett, on the other hand, claims Griffith’s multiple core samples for CRI’s roofing analysis are the source of the leaks.

“Many of the leaks the current facility is experiencing are not the fault of the roof system,” Brewer-Garrett Project Development Specialist Matthew Joseph told council during the Oct. 11 caucus. “Those leaks are located in the areas where the previous group did their core cuts.”

The core cut surfaces reveal “with a noncompatible material,” according to Joseph.

Councilman Brian Poindexter recalled that CRI discovered the leaks before Griffith obtained the core samples. He then questioned Brewer-Garrett on how roofs are installed illegally. Joseph and his technical team colleague, James Wilbanks, both denied this.

Core samples, according to Wilbanks, “are a matter of interpretation.” He concluded that the CRI analysis indicating the building has three roofing systems is flawed. That an asphalt layer was not, as Griffith’s report claimed, the third system.

“It appears to me that we have conflicting experts, and I believe this is something we should address with them all at once,” Poindexter said. “At the end of the day, we’re stuck with a leaky roof that may or may not be code.”

Councilman Tom Troyer proposed that another independent engineering firm analyze the roof.

“The roof did not leak after the core samples,” Troyer explained. “It’s always leaking.”

“Getting to the bottom of this will be difficult,” Councilman Rick Salvatore added.
“We must figure out who, what, where, and why. As well as who is responsible for getting this back on track.”

According to Mayor Ed Orcutt, West Roofing will continue to honour the roof warranty.

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