Everything You Need To Know About Texas and Bexar County 2021 Election

After 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Bexar County Elections Department results had been posted.

In the special runoff for Texas House District 118, Republican John Lujan narrowly defeated Democrat Frank Ramirez.

Governor Greg Abbott set the runoff race to coincide with voting on state constitutional amendments and local bonds.

Those living in the district, which includes east and south Bexar counties, had to vote two times to participate in the runoff as well as the general election. The reason was that Abbott did not confirm the runoff period until Monday, which meant that it was too late to be on the same ballot.

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Emergency Services District No. 9 of Bexar County

Voters in China Grove appear to have voted in favor of creating Emergency Services District No. 9 to deliver fire and EMS safety for the district. The results from the polling station as of 9:45 p.m. indicated a 70% approval rating.

A property tax of a maximum of 10 cents per $100 valuation can also be enacted by emergency services districts to fund their operations.

Mike Winfield, chief of the China Grove Volunteer Fire Department, acknowledged the high level of fire and EMS coverage delivered by his 16 volunteers, but he pointed out that the creation of ESD would also provide several benefits.

“Probably the biggest thing is going to be paid staff here. We’ll be looking to put on paid firefighters. You know, safer, more effective, more efficient equipment and apparatus, and training and all these things will be a huge benefit to our response area,” Winfield explained.

Southside Independent School District: Proposition A

Southside ISD asked voters for $52 million for campus renovations and new school buses. The proposition was, however, rejected by voters.

East Central Independent School District: Proposition A

East Central ISD asked voters to approve a $172 million bond to pay for the construction of three new schools, plus a career center, a warehouse in the new police headquarters. The proposition was also rejected by voters.

Propositions A, B, and C for the Jefferson Independent School District

In total, the district sought voter approval for three separate bond propositions totaling $302 million but that was also voted down.

In Prop A, school facilities would have been funded, but it was defeated in the vote.

In Prop B, facilities for athletics and extracurricular activities would have been funded as voted.

Prop C would have covered technology needs, but it wasn’t approved due to defeat in voting.

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School District of Alamo Heights: Proposition A

Voters in Alamo Heights ISD approved a small tax increase to support school operations. In addition to increasing local revenue, the measure will reduce the overall tax rate by reducing the tax rate required to pay back bonds.

Propositions: A, B, C, D, E for the Central Independent School District

Preliminary election outcomes for one of the rapidly evolving school districts in the San Antonio area reveal that voters are willing to finance a couple of the district’s proposals but not all.

The Comal ISD tax rate increase was approved by voters in Comal, Bexar, and Guadalupe counties by only two cents. In addition, $411 million was approved for new schools and buses, and a $34 million bond was approved for technology.

Bond proposals for stadiums and recreational facilities, however, were rejected.

There are multiple counties within Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD.

Also, there are several counties with the Comal ISD. Yet, Bexar County election results were not displayed since they are partial results that do not provide an accurate reflection of the district’s election.

School Board of the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District

Results from the preliminary election for three open seats on the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD board indicate that a majority of voters preferred experience.

It is important to know that Bexar and Guadalupe county residents re-elected Edward Finley to Place 4 and elected retired educator Belinda Evans to Place 7.

However, Gary Inmon lost his seat to Amy Thomas on the governing board. Inmon was suspended from the practice of law in 2017, and in 2019, he pleaded guilty to mishandling the estate of a woman.

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