Evacuation Advisory: LA and Ventura County Face Severe Weather Threat

Southern California is preparing for a powerful storm expected to hit the area with heavy rain this weekend.

The storm, driven by a massive flow of moisture from the ocean known as an atmospheric river, is forecasted to be at its most intense from Sunday to Monday.

It could drop 3 to 6 inches of rain across Southern California, with even higher amounts—6 to 12 inches—predicted for areas with lower elevation mountains and hills.

As a result, officials have issued evacuation orders and alerts for various communities, highlighting the serious risk of flooding and landslides.

Ventura County Actions:

  • The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office has put out evacuation orders and warnings. From Saturday at 5 p.m. to Sunday at 5 p.m., evacuation orders are in place for Matilija Canyon, North Fork, and the Camino Cielo area in unincorporated Ojai.
  • Evacuation warnings are also set for the same timeframe for the Foster Park / Camp Chaffee area, Creek Road / Old Creek Road in unincorporated Ojai, and specific homes on Grada Avenue and Trueno Avenue in unincorporated Camarillo.
  • Additionally, an advisory is out for the La Conchita community, cautioning residents about the expected heavy rainfall that could trigger landslides.

Evacuation warnings in place for areas in Ventura County ahead of storm:

Local News Update:

For updates on LA’s local news covering various topics from crime to the cost of living, residents are advised to stay informed through reliable sources.

Emergency Support in Ventura:

  • The Ventura County Human Services Agency and the American Red Cross are setting up an Emergency Evacuation Shelter at the Ventura College Gymnasium for those needing a safe place to stay during the storm.
  • Residents are urged to stay alert to the evolving situation and heed evacuation advice from public safety officials for their safety.

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Los Angeles County Precautions:

  • The Los Angeles Fire Department has issued an evacuation warning for the Sun Valley area, advising residents to be ready to evacuate from Sunday to Tuesday due to the forecasted severe weather conditions.
  • An evacuation center for animals is available at the Agoura Animal Care Center for those needing to relocate pets during the storm.

For the most current information on evacuation orders and preparedness tips, residents in affected areas are encouraged to visit the VCEmergency.com website.

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