Eustis Teaching Assistant Faces Charges After Slapping Student

An assistant teacher at Eustis Middle School is being charged with assaulting a kid by slapping them across the face, according to the Eustis police department.

Ute Galloway is accused of hitting the student on the Friday before Thanksgiving break, according to the investigators. At the time of the slap, the victim was reportedly participating in a game with other students, according to the police.

According to the investigators, Galloway slapped the student after getting irritated with him because he continued to look at the outline of the paper to draw the turkey despite the fact that she had instructed the students specifically not to do so.

Eustis teacher’s assistant under investigation:

During the course of the investigation, the Lake County School District issued a statement in which they stated, “Galloway has been placed in a role with no interaction with students, which is standard protocol.”

These news are making headlines:

According to the officials of the school system, Galloway has been working for the district since the month of August in the year 2022.

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